Buddies and Artifacts

Dear parents of 3B,


  • It’s a long weekend. School will resume on Tuesday.
  • Back to school night on Thursday


We started our Buddy Program with our Grade one class. Every fortnight, we will be meeting up with our buddies for activities and games. The program encourages our grade 3 students to become mentors and fosters positive relationships between the different grade levels in our school community.




During literacy, we continue to make connections to the theme of kindness and we used a ‘step inside’ thinking routine to delve deeper into the text. We made connections between our visible thinking notes to create a new text (diary entry) to show our understanding.










To introduce our year-long inquiry into ‘Who We Are’, we have shared our important artifacts. We will continue to make connections to the big idea of ‘values’ and how these shape our beliefs and actions.











In Math, we continue to build those dispositions to support flexibility with number and pattern. The idea that there are multiple entry points to a problem and ways of seeing, helps to support the idea that creativity in mathematics is a strength to draw upon.

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