Flagging up UN Day!

UN Day will be celebrated at UNIS Hanoi on Monday October 21 and we are busy with our preparations!

The traditional assembly on the Monday morning will be the culminating event of our Discovery-Grade 12 SDG Week (October 14-18) when all our students will take part in projects supporting the UN’s Agenda 2030 and towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Assembly will open with our traditional Parade of Nations to celebrate the 195 Members States and Observer States of the United Nations with more than 250 student flag bearers.

Next week we will be sending out invitations to students to participate in the Parade of Nations and we want to take this opportunity to share with you the process we follow to send out these invitations.

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Silva: doa@unishanoi.org 

Parade of Nations Flag Bearer Selection Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed with the goal of ensuring the most equitable process for all students to have an opportunity to carry their nation’s flag during the UN Day School Assembly.

  1. We include all the flags of the 195 United Nations member states in the UN Day Flag Parade. (193 full member states and 2 observer states: Palestine and Holy See)
  2. The flags from the 64 member states represented in our community in 2019-2020 will be paraded downstairs in the Sports Centre carried by students from those countries. The 131 other flags will be upstairs in the balcony parade and can be carried by students from any nation. 
  3. National flags for countries not included in the UN Members States or Observer States will not be included in the Parade of Nations. Students from those countries will be entered into the lottery to carry national flags not represented within the UNIS Hanoi student community (the upstairs parade), or may chaperone younger students downstairs. They are permitted to wear their national dress.
  4. Students in Grades 1-12 are eligible to carry flags. We will invite one ES (G1-G5) and one MSHS (G6-12) student from each national group to carry their national flag (2 bearers per flag). Exceptions to this general rule as follows: 
    1. Students in the roster for the UNIS Hanoi Symphonic Orchestra can not carry a flag. 
    2. If the only student from a country is in Grade D-K2, they may carry their flag assisted by an appointed MSHS student chaperone.
    3. Students in Grades 1-11 may not be selected to carry their nation’s flag downstairs for two consecutive years in any national group with more than two students represented. They can still be selected to represent a member state in the balcony parade.
    4. In recognition of our graduating class’s final year, we will invite the oldest of our G12 students to carry the flag of their nationality. There are 21 nationalities represented in this year’s graduating class. If the oldest G12 student from that nationality chooses not to carry the flag (or is in the UNIS Symphonia) the opportunity will be offered to the second eldest and so on.
    5. In the case that there are only students from a country in one division, two students will be selected from that division. Please note for Elementary School one flag bearer would be selected from G1-3 and one from G4-5 in order for the older student to support the younger flag bearer.
  5. We determine a student’s nationality based on the country/ies of citizenship (passport/s) registered in the UNIS Hanoi school information system. Individual affinity, heritage, family history or past place of residence is not taken into consideration.
  6. All invitations will be issued by lottery (random selection based on individual Veracross Student ID) within national groups. The goal is to provide every eligible student with equal opportunity.
  7. If any student invited does not want to carry their country’s flag, the replacement bearer is then drawn by lottery from the national group in their division. Flag bearers do not have the option to transfer their invitation to a family member or friend.
  8. The 131 flags from the other UN member states will be carried by students selected by lottery from G4-G11 (one bearer per flag). Again, replacements will also be selected by lottery from this group.
  9. Invitation and confirmation process as follows. Please note that invitations for all flag bearers go out at the same time. This year invitations will be sent on September 5:
    1. The initial invitation is sent to parent 1 email, CC parent 2 email and student email (for students from G4 and above) with clear instructions to confirm before the deadline of Thursday September 12 at 18:00. 
    2. If we do not receive a response to advancement@unishanoi.org before the deadline the invitation will be re-assigned to another student.
    3. A reminder will be sent before the deadline on Tuesday September 10.
    4. Confirmation will be sent from UNIS Hanoi when we receive a response to accept or refuse the invitation by parent or student and cc’d to the original recipients.
    5. A second round of ‘lottery’ generated invitations will go out on Monday September 16 with a deadline of Friday September 20 at 18.00. There will be no reminder for second round invitations.
    6. If a third round is necessary (in excess of 20 flags are still without bearers),  it will be sent out on September 23 with a deadline of September 26.
    7. If following three rounds of invitations, there are still flags which do not have bearers, Division Principals will be engaged to find flag bearers on September 30.