Building a Better World Together on UN Day

UN Day is one of the key moments of the school year when our entire community joins together to celebrate building a better world…together!

Our UN Day Celebrations is only 2 weeks away and we’re busy preparing for this wonderful event on Monday, October 21! All Parents and Guardians are warmly invited to this special event which involves many of our children from all three divisions.

The traditional Assembly will be the culminating event of our Discovery-Grade 12 SDG Week (October 14-18) when all our students will take part in projects supporting the UN’s Agenda 2030 and towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Assembly will open with our traditional Parade of Nations to celebrate the 195 Members States and Observer States of the United Nations with more than 250 student flag bearers.

The Assembly will start promptly at 11:00 am in the Sports Centre and followed by our delicious international Community Lunch at 12:00.


You and your children are welcomed and encouraged to wear something representing your “national” dress or clothes from a place where you have lived.

With such a multicultural mix of nationalities, it is sometimes difficult to identify with only one nationality, so we encourage the children to create or put together a costume that represents their own sense of identity. However, ‘fancy dress costumes’ are not appropriate. In the end, wear something you will feel comfortable wearing. Business dress is often preferred by parents and no one should feel any pressure to ‘dress up’.

UN Day Date Change

Our UN Day Celebrations – a highlight of our School calendar – were planned for Friday October 18. But due to an unforeseen conflict, UN Day will now be celebrated on MONDAY OCTOBER 21.

We always like to fix important dates firmly in the calendar as early as possible, however, sometimes there are unavoidable reasons for changes and when this happens we try to let you know as soon as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience. And we take this opportunity to remind you that as part of our sustainability initiatives this year we are not producing a printed school calendar.

We have been encouraging the move to our online calendar for both accuracy and to support detailed information for our community since last year.

For full details on how to sync for any device, and choose the calendars relevant for your family please visit the Calendar page on the website.