What’s on your Parent Portal?

Did you know? There are currently nine independently-run home language groups taking place at the School and families can learn all about them by checking out their custom pages on the parent portal. 

The Home Language Programme at UNIS Hanoi has long been an integral part of the School. The groups meet during the school day at times that fit within the UNIS Hanoi schedule, or after school. The decision to participate in a Home Language class is up to the student and their family, with all costs covered by the families. 

In the Elementary School

To learn about the classes available to Elementary School students, parents can visit the portal and look under ‘Elementary’ and click on the ‘Home Language Programme’ page. Language groups currently operating are: Chinese; Danish; Dutch; German; Korean; Japanese; Polish; Spanish; and Swedish.

In the Secondary School

Secondary School students are eligible to participate in Danish, Dutch, German and Swedish Home Language Groups. To learn about any of these groups, parents can visit the portal and look under ‘Secondary’ and click on the ‘Home Language Programme’ page. 

For more information about the Home Language programme, please contact our Home Language Coordinator, Aiqin Li via email: ali@unishanoi.org

*Please note: IBDP students can opt to enrol onto a self-taught language programme. In past years, UNIS Hanoi students have studied Danish, Dutch, Italian, Malay, Polish Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. More information about the School’s Self-Taught Language course can be found in the DP Curriculum Handbook (currently located on the portal under Secondary School/Handbooks). Alternatively, families can speak with the IB DP Coordinator to learn more about the course. 

Are you leaving UNIS Hanoi in 2nd Semester?

In the Admissions Office, we offer a rolling admissions policy with the majority of our potential families looking to start their children at UNIS Hanoi at the beginning of each semester. We currently have families waiting to join our community in 2nd semester in grades that are presently at capacity. We do hope your family is staying with us; however, if you are planning to depart Hanoi in the 2nd semester, please submit a student withdrawal form as early as possible.

For your convenience, the student withdrawal form is now located on the Parent Portal which you can access from the Veracross homepage. Upon confirmation of your departure, the Admissions Office will guide you through the withdrawal process.

The Admissions Office is available to assist you if needed at admissions@unishanoi.org or call us on 024 7300 4508.

Trip Week – Essential Permissions, Passport/ID Update and Emergency Information

Dear Parents,

We are busy preparing for Trip Week and we hope you will enjoy discussing the upcoming activities with your child/ren.

An important part of our planning is ensuring your child/ren are safe and we need you to complete the following actions to ensure that

  1. we have shared agreements and expectations.
  2. all the medical and emergency contact information is correct for every child.
  3. an updated version of your child’s Passport and Visa or Vietnamese ID card is uploaded to their student’s portal page (for MS/HS students only)

You must complete ALL these essential activities on the Parent Portal in the Update Household Profile section and the Student Portal.

Parent Portal


A. Update Household Profile

  1. Contact Information: You must provide us with correct telephone numbers. We cannot contact you in a medical emergency if we do not have your correct contact information.
  2. Emergency Contact Information: We must have someone who we can contact if we are not able to contact you. Please check that you have completed or updated this information for this school year.

B. Medical Profile: You must review and update your child/ren’s medical profile. This is where you will record:

  • Allergies or conditions
  • Current, Allowed and Prohibited medications

Please read carefully the list of School approved medications and inform us of any exceptions for your child/ren. The School Health Centre will follow up with you if necessary when you submit your information.

C. School Policies: You will be required to read and agree to Trip Week Permissions in order for your child to attend Trip Week:

  1. Permission to participate
  2. Medical Care Authorization, Consent and Release
  3. Student Information

a. Dietary requirements (NOT allergies)
b. Sleep concerns

D. Passport, Visa or Vietnamese ID card: If your child/ren are are in MS/HS, you will need to be logged on to the student portal page to complete the uploading of the student Passport and Visa OR Vietnamese ID card. Please watch this instructions.

Student portal

Questions about Trips should be directed to respective School Divisions.
Questions about Medical information should be directed to School Health Centre shc@unishanoi.org.
Questions about technical problems should be directed to techsupport@unishanoi.org.