MSHS Arts Exhibition – Check it out!

Quench your imagination at the Semester 1 MSHS Arts Exhibition in B10 from 13 January to 6 February 2020. Scan the QR codes with your smart phone to get more details about the artworks.

Grade 6 : Wild Vietnam

In the first semester, grade 6 has been learning and working on the endangered species of Vietnam. After coming back from the Grade 6 Trip to Cuc Phuong National Park and Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC), students created images to spread awareness to protect turtles, primates, and pangolins. Students created images using both their own drawings and digital media.

 Grade 7 : Mythical Creature Prints 

Grade 7 artists have chosen one of their Mythical Creature Prints to exhibit. Each student planned, carved and printed an edition of ten prints using careful planning to layer colors one by one. These mythical creatures came from various cultural contexts exploring their role in explaining the unexplainable. Looking to history, folklore, and literature to inspire new interpretations of mythical beasts. Throughout this unit, students developed drawing techniques and skills that would enhance their print designs. Every print is accompanied by a written narrative which shares creative details and stories of their mythical creatures.

 Grade 8 : Development of personal style allows artists to communicate a unique perspective.

What is style? What makes a style unique? To what extent can an artist develop a personal style?

Grade 8 artists are exhibiting an artwork that is the result of investigation and inquiry that has taken place in art class since August.  For the first part of the school year, these artists explored drawing strategies and media. They investigated artists and how style is used to communicate perspectives. Students used this information to develop a personal project, with personalized success criteria and artistic intentions.

 Grade 9 : The great art mash-up 

In this exhibition, you will see new artworks made from old works. This style of work is called appropriation, which is art making technique that many artists used to question of comment on the visual qualities, ideas and meaning associated with the orignal work. Grade 9 students explored how ‘artists create new images by appropriating and reworking existing artworks” (statement of inquiry). Students generated a range of thought-provoking works that raise awareness about a range of significant issues important to grade 9 students.

 Grade 10 : Looking in  

In this exhibition, you will see a series of stunning self-portraits created by grade 10 students who looked carefully at themselves and considered ‘how identity can be expressed in unexpected ways.’ ( Statement of Inquiry) . Students began by looking at Johari’s window that generated some great discussion about how they see themselfves and how others might perceive them. This discussion enabled students to generate a range of  idea for artworks that took unusual and innovative approaches that were rich in personal symbolism but also communicate with a wider audience.