Unlimited Magazines for Your Family

Are you looking for magazines suitable for the WHOLE FAMILY?

The UNIS Library subscribes to a number of great magazines which can be delivered digitally to you every month. Covering a wide range of subjects from science, travel, yoga, running, science and geography – there is something for every member of the family and there is NO LIMIT on the number of magazines you may wish to borrow.

Follow these instructions to open your account and start borrowing from our fabulous collection. Please contact the library if you have any problems with access: Monica eslibrarian@unishanoi.org and Kate mshslibrarian@unishanoi.org

Remote Library Service Continues!

Students in Elementary School right up to High School can still enjoy access to school library books thanks to an improved remote borrowing service. The School’s formidable team of librarians have devised an innovative way to ensure students get their hands on books they want. Especially during these unprecedented times. 

During the first eight weeks of distance learning, the Library offered a “remote borrowing service” which enabled students and parents to place requests and pick up the books from the School’s main gate each day between 9am and 12pm. Unfortunately, due to campus closure, remote borrowing service had an impact on the local staff who supported the daily service. This led to a rethink of options. 

New Improved Model

The library team has now come up with an innovative way for books to be borrowed to ensure continued access to fabulous reads and exciting resources over the coming months.


  1. We will still run a “remote borrowing service” for our families who are in Hanoi and can collect books at the front gate. Please browse the library catalogue here and use the following forms to write down your selections.  ECC Form  /  ES Form  /  MS/HS Form. You can email your forms to the library or include them in a library bag dropped at the gate. Alternatively you can send an email with your selections to librarystaff@unishanoi.org 
  2. The books will be delivered to the front gate of UNIS Hanoi every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9am and 11am. If the books are not collected on the requested day, the materials will need to be returned to the library. Books cannot be left outside after 3pm.
  3. You can also return books at any time by dropping them into the big box labelled LIBRARY at the front gate.
  4. If you are departing Hanoi, you can also leave the library and text books at the box at the front gate on Monday, Wednesday or Friday for collection.


  1. The library team has curated a LibGuide for accessing digital materials including eBooks and audible books. This will be constantly updated with new materials. This provides a wealth of listening and reading choices for the whole family. This LibGuide is featured in the Mental Wellness Section of the UNIS Community Wellness Guide which has amazing resources to keep physically and mentally well.
  2. We have added a tremendous number of eBooks to our digital collection. The borrowing of these books is straightforward and explained in a screencast on the LibGuide. The hidden benefit of an eBook is that it returns itself automatically after 14 days, so you don’t need to remember to return it. However, it is easy to extend these books by yourself at the click of a button.
  3. We would highly encourage everyone to download the app SORA on the device that you intend to read your eBooks. Sora hosts all of our eBooks and audiobooks. It is very user friendly, comes in a range of languages and will host up to 6 devices on one download. Most people prefer to read the eBooks on ipads but many people do use phones or laptops. Each member of the family should use their own school login and password to read from their own Sora account.


  1. Author read alouds can be found daily
  2. Access to free audio books ready to download
  3. Tumblebooks – a vast number of books available for reading and viewing
  4. Epic reading – free home access to students who use Epic in the classroom
  5. Book trailers to introduce you to some of the newest books in our digital collection
  6. Virtual Book Clubs to join

Please contact Kate and Monica if ever you have any questions: Kate mshslibrarian@unishanoi.org and Monica eslibrarian@unishanoi.org