Phở Bò for Lunch?

The Student Food Advisory Group has requested that the School bring in local food vendors a few times a year to show our appreciation towards Vietnamese culture. So, in honor of the Tet Holiday, we are having a Phở Bò (beef noodle) vendor coming to campus on January 23rd. All Middle and High School students will have the opportunity to purchase phở for lunch. The cost is 30K and 35K VND depending on the selection of meat.

We are excited to have this group of students working with our canteen to bring new and exciting food opportunities to UNIS Hanoi.

Exploring Vietnamese Food with Nothando

Are you a food lover? Are you a Vietnamese food lover? Then this video is for you.

The video is created by Nothando, Grade 10 students, for her personal project. Started at the end of last school year, Nothando aims to explore how Vietnamese food reflects the country’s history as well as how chefs show personal expression through food. During her personal projects journey, she will bring the audience interesting findings about both history and cuisine.

The first episode is a brief introduction to Nothando’s research topic and what to expect for the following episodes.

Thank you for watching and watch this space for the next episode!