Bringing Student Voice to UNIS Hanoi Canteen

The Student Food Advisory Committee had their first meeting today. 15 students from grades 5-12 are members of the Committee representing 13 different countries.

During this meeting, the Committee set their action plan and goals for the remainder of the year. They also had the opportunity to try a new lunch selection prepared by the Canteen and give their feedback. Over the course of the next 7 months, this group will work closely with the Canteen on menu selections, building new menu items based on student feedback, making sure that our canteen food has enough nutrition, reducing food waste as well as developing themed lunches.

Thank you to 15 student leaders who are part of the Food Advisory Committee. This great group is excited about helping to bridge the student voice in regards to the canteen and helping explore the canteen under a sustainable lens.

Misty Shipley
Director of Finance and Operations

Canteen Updates – New lunch options for the new school year

Dear UNIS Hanoi families,

A warm welcome from the Epicure Catering team to all new and returning families, we hope you had a wonderful summer.

Just to let you know some changes to the canteen service this year are as follows; Grade 4 & 5 students can now access the salad bar (small plate option only) and after considering further, this has also been extended to all third (3rd) graders.

Following feedback from HS students last year we have introduced more healthier snack options at break times, such as; homemade granola bars, natural yoghurt with optional fresh fruit or muesli toppings, veggie sticks with hummus and fruit cups.

We have also simplified our daily lunch menus in terms of content, focusing more on the recipes of favourite dishes.

At the Deli counter, Grade 6-12 students can purchase a panini or cooked to order pasta dish (menu changes daily) at lunch times if preferred to the regular lunch menu. This has so far proved to be a popular addition for those who have tried the new dishes.

We will keep you updated with canteen news during the year and look forward to continuing to provide your children with quality lunches.

Best wishes,
Epicure TeamĀ