Our Annual Report Data Drips Continued…

This week, we share the data from our School Community Organisation (SCO) as well as information about our Class of 2019 and our alumni community.

School Community Organisation

UNIS Hanoi is fortunate to have an army of parent volunteers who are passionate about the school community. In 2018-19, as many as 573 people volunteered in a formal manner, with many unsung heroes giving time and resources to make a positive impact. The School Leadership Team, faculty and staff thank all volunteers for their support. FIND OUT MORE


In June last year, our Class of 2019 became the latest recruits to join our alumni network of almost 10,000 people. The 80 students were offered 200 admissions acceptances in higher education institutions across 15 countries around the globe. They now proudly belong to an alumni community that will one day serve the world in diverse ways. FIND OUT MORE

Annual Report Data

This year we have delivered our Annual Report data in bite-size chunks to help our community digest our data! And this week we are pleased to share the next three installments.

We’re a community with no bystanders and we exist to make an impact. That’s why our comprehensive service learning programme is a core component of what we offer. In 2018/19, 250 Middle and High School students took direct action in service groups, with almost a fifth leading the groups themselves. We’re proud of the connections, collaborations and the difference our students make week in, week out. That’s what makes us Uniquely UNIS. FIND OUT MORE

In the academic year 2018/19, UNIS Hanoi established a Sustainability Committee. The Committee worked on a sustainability plan, with key actions rolled out in the academic year 2019/20. FIND OUT MORE

UNIS Hanoi adopts a prudent financial management approach, ensuring the School has the means to remain a top international school.
Below is an overview of the School’s finances for the academic year 2018-19. FIND OUT MORE

If you have missed any of our ‘data drip’ installments (including our Student Learning Results, Who We Are and CoCurricular Data) you can catch up with them all on our website: Annual Report

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

Dear Families,

Chúc mừng năm mới! Best wishes to our students, faculty and staff, and families for the new year.

For those of you experiencing Tet for the first time, I encourage you to engage with members of our Vietnamese community to deepen your understanding of the wonderful traditions practiced at this time of year – it is truly a time of reflection, celebration and hope for the new year.

This year, Tet will celebrate the outgoing Year of the Pig and welcome in The Year of the Rat.

According to the Vietnamese zodiac, for those of you born in the year of the rat, you are believed to be very industrious and thrifty, diligent and positive. You love to collect, have a keen intuition and can predict danger. You are lucky financially and manage money well.

Before we all sign off to enjoy Tet, please check out our most recent Annual Report Data Drip. This week, we share highlights from our Co-curricular programme.

UNIS Hanoi’s co-curricular programme is dynamic and ever-evolving. It aims to inspire students to actively engage in purposeful activities beyond the classroom. But as a School that’s committed to nurturing a community of lifelong learning, we also organize activities for adults too. Here is a highlight of what took place in 2018-2019.

Co-Curricular Highlights

Have a safe and relaxing holiday with friends and family. See you in February.

Head of School
Jane McGee

Annual Report Data Drip: Student Learning Results

This week’s Annual Report ‘data drip’ focuses on our IB Diploma programme and results from the international standardized tests we participate in. Click the links below to learn more:

Standardized Test Results

Students of UNIS Hanoi consistently rank at the top of every standardized test, including the American SAT and PSAT. Although we believe learning is more than test-taking, participation in these international assessments means we can measure the impact of our teaching in a robust way

IB Diploma

UNIS Hanoi is committed to providing a diverse and holistic education and was the first school in Asia to offer all three IB programmes. Our understanding of the IB programme is reflected in the outstanding results our graduates achieve year-on-year. Last year was no exception. Congratulations to the Class of 2019 and their teachers.

Our 2018/19 Annual Report – the UNIS Hanoi Story by Numbers

As a School we have a long-standing tradition of publishing an Annual Report, made widely available to our community and key external organisations. This year, we continue with this tradition, but with our SDG commitments firmly in mind. What this means is that we will no longer make a paper version of the Annual Report. From today, we will present our Annual Report to you as ‘Data Drips’. 

Every Friday, we will present a snapshot of our School, including ‘Who We Are’, Student Learning Results (IB Diploma and Standardized Test Results), Co-Curricular Statistics, Financial Overview, and finally, Making an Impact (Service Learning and Sustainability).

Do let me know what you think by emailing me at hosoffice@unishanoi.org

Click this link to learn about Who We Are

We also would like to share with you the 2020-2021 one page calendar. Please note that a new Vietnamese holiday will be scheduled on either September 1 or 3. Once we know the date, we will add an additional holiday to allow for a five day long weekend. 

Jane McGee