Our 2018/19 Annual Report – the UNIS Hanoi Story by Numbers

As a School we have a long-standing tradition of publishing an Annual Report, made widely available to our community and key external organisations. This year, we continue with this tradition, but with our SDG commitments firmly in mind. What this means is that we will no longer make a paper version of the Annual Report. From today, we will present our Annual Report to you as ‘Data Drips’. 

Every Friday, we will present a snapshot of our School, including ‘Who We Are’, Student Learning Results (IB Diploma and Standardized Test Results), Co-Curricular Statistics, Financial Overview, and finally, Making an Impact (Service Learning and Sustainability).

Do let me know what you think by emailing me at hosoffice@unishanoi.org

Click this link to learn about Who We Are

We also would like to share with you the 2020-2021 one page calendar. Please note that a new Vietnamese holiday will be scheduled on either September 1 or 3. Once we know the date, we will add an additional holiday to allow for a five day long weekend. 

Jane McGee