Our Alumni

Preyanka Clark Prakash (Class of 2000) wrote to proudly share about Bloomtown, the palm oil-free, vegan, cruelty-free body and skincare company she and her husband, Medwin Culmer, started in the UK. Palm oil is an ingredient hidden in many mainstream beauty and food products. After witnessing first-hand the environmental devastation caused by palm oil cultivation in Indonesia, the loss of virgin forest that is home to endangered orangutans, tigers and so much of the world’s biodiversity, Preyanka made it her mission to offer truly ethical and cruelty-free body and skincare alternatives. Beautifully hand-crafted, the products are the combination of the founders’ love of nature and Preyanka’s botany and aromatherapy expertise. Find out more about Preyanka’s story, her creations and the very thoughtful ethical policies on Bloomtown’s website.

Every week we feature a short profile of one of our global alumni in Tin Tuc. UNIS Hanoi is connected to 55% of all alumni students, families and faculty with our very own world wide web connecting UNIS Hanoi in the four corners of the globe!

Small Actions x Lots of People = Big Change

How can you and your child/ren change the world?

UNIS Hanoi is excited to host d’Arcy Lunn, a global citizenship educator and founder of the Teaspoons of Change movement, which makes the SDGs fun, accessible, and attainable. Some of our Elementary and Middle School students have been adopting this simple model to take action to achieve the SDGs. UNIS Hanoi has invited d’Arcy to work with our students, teachers, and parents to help make us all more effective change agents through two days of workshops and classroom visits.

For families there will be a fun, interactive workshop for both parents and children (5+) after school on Tuesday, 4 December from 15:30-17:30 in the Ly Thai To Learning Centre (B8b). Register for the family workshop HERE.

For parents interested in empowering your family as change agents, an evening talk will be held on Wednesday, 5 December in the Community Room (B7 Admin Building) from 18:00-19:00. Register for the parent talk HERE.

d’Arcy is the youngest of 6 children from rural South Australia but for the last 18 years he has travelled to more than 90 countries as a global citizen educator, keynote speaker, communications specialist and youth leadership facilitator with the likes of UNICEF, Gates Foundation, WHO, World’s Largest Lesson, JUMP Foundation, Global Citizen and many others. d’Arcy has given almost 850 presentations to more than 75,000 people in the past 8 years and built two self-sufficient tiny houses. His favourite Global Goal is Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production.

Watch the Teaspoons of Change video to find out more:

Questions? Contact Kate Dore at KDore@unishanoi.org

Winterfest – Performers Needed!

Come on down to UNIS Hanoi’s Winterfest 2018, on Friday 7 December from 17.00-19.00 in front of the old canteen! You and your family will be able to sample a variety of delicious food and drinks, including nutella waffles, Vietnamese banh mi, and gingerbread cookies. At the same time, you’ll be able to enjoy some fun games and live performances, the perfect combination to get you into the festive spirit!

We are reaching out to performers of all ages and talents. If you like to sing, dance, or to perform poems…etc. Click here  to volunteer to perform. We encourage all community members – to come on stage!

Are You Planning on Leaving?

If you would like to confirm the departure of your child/ren at the end of this first semester, please submit an Admissions Withdrawal Form indicating the last day of attendance for your child/ren. Only one form is required per family. This will help us to transition new students into school as early as possible for the second semester of this academic year.

For your information, school will close for the winter break on Friday 14 December and the last day of the first semester is Friday 18 January.

Upon confirmation of your departure, the Admissions team will guide you through the withdrawal process.

For assistance, please email admissions@unishanoi.org or telephone 024.73004508 extensions 8217 / 8738 / 8220 / 8739 / 8732.

‘A Plastic Ocean’ – Family Film Screening

Vietnam ranks amongst the highest polluters of the world’s oceans from plastic waste. Thanks to the dedication of our Elementary School students, an award winning international documentary about the dangers of plastic pollution now has Vietnamese subtitles and UNIS Hanoi is proud to present the World Premiere during our SDG Week! Come and watch, and pledge to change the world as we prepare for UN Day!

You are invited to watch ‘A Plastic Ocean’ with Vietnamese subtitles at the UNIS Hanoi Theatre, 17.00-19.00 on Tuesday 27 November.  (Suitable for children 7+ years old)

‘A Plastic Ocean’ directed by Craig Leeson and produced by Jo Ruxton and Adam Leipzig was screened in April this year by The Plastics Oceans Group for their Grade 5 PYP Exhibition. As part of their research and action project, the students wrote to ask why the film was not available in Vietnamese, when the country has such a high pollution rate. The film makers listened and Tuesday’s premiere is a result of our students action! This is a family event among many other activities happening at UNIS Hanoi next week for SDG Week leading up to our UN Day celebration on Friday 30 November.

Please note that for Tuesday’s screening, ES students must be supervised by an adult or older sibling on campus after hours, and MS students must only be on campus with a buddy. Parents must present their badge for access and guests will have to be signed in at the main security gate and exchange an ID for a security pass. Full campus access information is available on our website. There is no late bus service after the film and transport home must be organised by families.

‘A Plastic Ocean’ documents the newest science, proving how plastics, once they enter the oceans, break up into small particles that enter the food chain where they attract toxins like a magnet. These toxins are stored in seafood’s fatty tissues, and eventually consumed by us.

Plastic pollution isn’t new but has become an alarming issue. Everyday billions and billions of plastic items are threw into the oceans, rivers and lakes, left on land unsightly. As a matter of fact, plastic is having negative impact on our planet, health and wildlife. According to a study by the University of Georgia in 2015, Vietnam is the fourth-largest contributor to marine plastic pollution globally but we’ve seen very little action.

Please join us on Tuesday to learn more about this burning issue and how you can help to make a difference. Help us spread the word and bring a Vietnamese friend with you to the screening. This event is free of charge and open to everyone on a first come first serve basis. A donation box will be place at the entrance. All funds raised will go toward stopping plastic pollution.

UN Day – Important information!

We look forward to welcoming our parents to join us for our school assembly celebrating UN Day on Friday November 30 at 10.30am.

CAMPUS ENTRY: In addition to the main gate, Gate 5 will be open until 10.30am for campus access for parents with badges. Any parents without badges must sign in at the main gate. If you do not have a campus ID badge order it to day online and it will be delivered home with your child before Friday November 30. Find out how to order your badge online.

PARKING: Parking is extremely limited so please plan to come to school in a taxi or have your driver drop you and come back later to collect you.

SEATING: Please arrive promptly by 10.20 take your seats in the Sports Centre. The doors will closed at 10.30 and will not re-open until after the Parade of Nations. Parent seating will be in the central blocks downstairs or for a better view, plan to take your place on the upstairs balcony.

UN Day is a special day of thousand photos! and this year we will have double the photo booths and double the fun!

But please also read down to our photo etiquette guidelines for the UN Day assembly to be sure that capturing your memories is not upsetting others. Thank you!

This year we will continue on with our popular photo booth activity with even more options! We know how much you love posing with your friends, family and flags so we have organised an additional photo booth to capture those precious UN Day moments.

Photo booth 1: 
Time: 9.00 – 13.30
Location: In front of the canteen
Type: Photo booth with photographer. Photo printing/email service available.
Background: Colorful poles (to minimize plastic a backdrop will not be printed)

Photo booth 2: 
Time: 12.00 – 13.30
Location: Between all-weather pitch and playground
Type: Flag waving photo booth with photographer.
Background: UN Day Community Flags

This year the photo booths will be self-managed. Please queue and place flags back into the labeled slots. As usual, all photos will be available in Tin Tuc.

Flaunt your UN Day photos using #UNISHanoi #UNDay !

Questions? Contact our Community Liaison Officer, Nathalie Grun, at clo@unishanoi.org


Our UN Day Assembly is a very photogenic event and we all want photos of our kids on this special day… but please be aware of photo etiquette.

A team of photo professionals will be capturing the day to share with our community and the entire Assembly will be live streamed and published on the UNIS Hanoi You Tube channel. Watch for the link in our final reminders email on Monday.

Please don’t be ‘that person’ who is blocking the view of everyone behind you because you are watching the ceremony while filming on your iPad! We understand, especially when most of us are living so far from family and friends, that sharing the moment can only be done digitally, but please be mindful that your actions could be spoiling the special moment for many others! We cannot (and do not aim to) stop you from taking photos, all we ask is that you become more aware of those surrounding you by following some basic photo etiquette:

1. Be here, be now:
Enjoy the ceremony in THE PRESENT. Experience it LIVE happening in front of you, don’t distance yourself by watching the ceremony through a digital device.

2. Please mind the view:
Be aware of people behind you when taking a photo, don’t block the view from others around you. It’s a crowded event already and we all want to see the ceremony. Leave aisles clear for the Flag Parade and be careful around the Elementary students seated on the floor!

3. Leave the iPads at home:
iPads and even iPad-Mini’s are notorious for obstructing the view (even their covers block the view). If possible, please take photos or recordings on a smartphone or a small digital camera.

Questions? Please contact the Advancement Office: advancement@unishanoi.org

UN Day Lunch – An International Feast!

After our UN Day Ceremony (November 30), we continue the celebration with a whole school community lunch enjoyed by students, parents and staff. It is truly international and delicious! Our shared lunch is made of ‘traditional’ food provided by our parents and is an opportunity for families to showcase cultural cuisines – from old family recipes to new fusion dishes EVERYTHING is welcome!

The lunch which will start at 12:00 noon. The Community Lunch is organised into grade level lunches and your homeroom/grade level parent volunteers will take the lead on organising the lunch. Please review the Food Preparation Guidelines below to ensure we organise a safe and hygienic community potluck lunch with enough food for all!

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact your Class / Grade Level Parent or email the Community Liaison Officer, Nathalie Grun (CLO@unishanoi.org)

What should I bring?

  • One national dish per child (serving size: ES 10+ portions / MSHS 20+ portions).
  • List the food ingredients, name of food and country of origin (food label attached).
  • Food should not require refrigeration/heating.
  • Food should be easily served — no soupy dishes.
  • Label your dish tray with your child’s full name & homeroom.

Grade Lunch Locations & Food Sign-up 

Drop off food between 8.10 – 10.15 at the following lunch locations…

  • Grades 9 – 12 / Location – B8b-Ly Thai To Learning Centre (2nd floor) / (HS Food Sign-up)

Single-use Plastic Free Event

As part of our commitments to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), there will be no single-use plastics used in the organisation of this event. All families are encouraged to come up with create alternatives to single-use plastics when preparing food.

UN Peace Day Cranes

As part of our UN week of celebrations, please join us in making a wish for peace. According to Japanese legend, if you fold 1000 cranes, your wish will be granted. The crane has become of a symbol of peace and hope around the world. This next week around campus, you will find recycled paper and instructions on how to fold a Peace Crane. Write your own personal wish for peace inside and think about how you can make that wish come true with every fold. So far we have been able to make 100 cranes, but we need 900 more for our wish to come true. In order for the Sustainable Development Goals to be met, we all need to do our part one crane at a time. Parents, faculty, and students are encouraged to fold a crane or more. Remember, in order to create something big, you have to start small. One small crane at a time.


UN Global Goals Week in the Library

When faced with the prospect of promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the UN Global Goals Week, it became very clear that no goal or project is ever successful without being driven by someone who puts empathy, compassion and creativity into action. We learn kindness through direct instruction and by watching how our role models and others behave. A great way to develop kindness and empathy is through reading, which presents the reader with an opportunity to connect with the experiences of others. Most librarians and teachers argue passionately for the importance of reading and being read to. We know that it fosters development of empathy and understanding to make the world a better place.

But as Global Goals Week crept upon us, we knew that, as a library team, we wanted to do a lot more than just another book display of SDG projects. We wanted to do something that would inspire and challenge our students to think more deeply and honestly about the characteristics they need to develop as individuals to create change and make a difference. So, instead of directing our focus towards just one SDG, we decided to focus on the qualities children need to become change makers – to be brave – to be courageous – to be kind – to be fearless and to know that by standing up for others and being inclusive, it IS possible to make a difference.

“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness”. (R J Palacio, Wonder)

It’s not always easy to be kind and it often takes courage to do the right thing. During Global Goals week the Library will feature the theme of Kindness Rising.This kindness campaign, which originated in the USA, calls on young people to BE FEARLESS BE KIND. It’s designed to inspire and empower kids to have the compassion, empathy and courage to stand up for others and be inclusive throughout their lives. The call to action is simple: BE FEARLESS BE KIND.

Some of the activities offered throughout the week include:

  • Writing kindness pledges 
  • Filling up the kindness jar
  • Creating a thousand paper cranes
  • Borrowing and reading books about courage, bravery and kindness
  • Film displays “Be a changemaker”
  • Twitter station ready for tweeting #bekind #kindnessrising #GlobalGoals #choosekind

Please visit the Library during this week and borrow from our great collection. We have many fiction books that challenge us to engage with characters through their trials and triumphs and to understand their thoughts and perspectives. But if you are looking for a non-fiction book guaranteed to ignite conversation about kindness and compassion, then buy a copy of Where Children Sleep by James Mollison. Through a series of unflinching portraits, this book records the bedrooms of children around the world. The snapshots reveal hardship, excess and suffering and exposes those who have way too much and those who have way too little. It’s certainly worthy of a dinner table conversation and discussions about kindness.

“You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”. (H Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird)