UNIS Hanoi Advisory Council

In 2011, the Board established an Advisory Council to support long-term strategic planning for the school. The aims of the Advisory Council include the following:

  1. Strengthen the organisational relationship to the United Nations (UN), with the UN Resident Coordinator serving as Chair of the Advisory Council.
  2. Establish and mobilize relationships with key stakeholders in the UNIS Hanoi community including the Government of Vietnam, Diplomatic Community, Business Community, International and Local NGO Community, Vietnamese Community and educational leaders.
  3. Enhance and strengthen the visibility and status of the school with influential people providing advice, support, counsel, and ideas for strategy, positioning and advancement towards building a great school in Hanoi, Vietnam and internationally.

Over the years, UNIS Hanoi has worked to engage this influential group with discussions on a range of topics from shifting landscapes in international school competition to UNIS Hanoi’s unique role and contributions to Vietnam. Each meeting is organised around a dinner and discussion topic and we are grateful to the 20+ members who have attended these gatherings over the years.

Last year the Advisory Council met twice – first in April to introduce visiting HOS elect Jane McGee to our Advisory Council key stakeholders and more recently in December 2018 where discussion focused on identifying key 21st century skills for student future success.

Following UNIS Hanoi’ successful 30th anniversary last year, the Board looks forward to the challenges of the next 30 years with the ongoing support and counsel of the Advisory Council.

Student Admissions 2019-2020

Admissions are now open for the next school year. If you have a child that you would like to register, please contact Admissions as soon as possible.

Re-enrolment for next year will commence at the end of January. Parents will be required to complete this process through the parent portal and secure placements with payment of a tuition deposit for each child by 29 March 2019. Details will follow soon.

Families wishing to confirm their departure should complete the Admissions Withdrawal Form indicating the last day of attendance for your child/ren.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance by dropping into the Admissions Office in B7, email admissions@unishanoi.org or telephone 0247 300 4508 extensions 8217 / 8738 / 8739 / 8732 / 8220.

Thank you

Bronagh Lucardie
Senior Manager Admissions

New Attendance Feature on Veracross Parent Portal

Dear Parents,

As we are getting ready for a new semester, we would like to introduce you to a new Attendance feature on Veracross Parent Portal.

What is it?

The Attendance feature will allow parents to inform school of their child/ren’s daily attendance (absence, late arrival, early leave, etc.) and/or multi-day absences.

A link to the Attendance request has been made available on Veracross Parent Portal starting today, January 18. You will be able to access it using your phones, tablets, or computers.

When to submit Attendance request?

From now on, parents are required to use this Attendance feature on the Parent Portal to notify the Elementary, Middle or High School Offices for all student absences and/or late arrival/early departure. Requests should be submitted for:

  • Daily attendance: Student will be absent, late to school, will be leaving early or will be leaving school and returning before the end of the school day.
  • Multi-day absence: Student will be absent from school for a period of time.


Should you have questions, please direct them as follows:

Questions about Attendance should be directed to respective Divisional Secretaries:

Questions about accessing Veracross or technical issues should be directed to techsupport@unishanoi.org

Important Announcements

Please make sure to read the important notice about Early Childhood Centre playground access and cashless payment system at The Shop.

Early Childhood Centre Access Outside School Hours

This is a gentle reminder that the Early Childhood Centre (ECC) is not part of the Community Campus Access areas. The areas to access include:

  1. Outdoor covered courts
  2. B5 outdoor court
  3. Artificial turf field
  4. Grass field
  5. School playground (between Elementary School and the canteen)

If your child has a Saturday activity located in ECC, please wait on the benches outside ECC or at the School playground between Elementary School and the canteen. Thank you for your cooperation.

Moving to a cashless system at The Shop

In an effort to streamline our operations and help make everyday purchases in the spirit shop easier and more convenient, we will be moving to a cashless system.

Starting Monday January 21, students and parents will be able to make purchases with their campus card. Over the next few months we will encourage purchases be made by either campus card or debit/credit card. The Business Office will no longer be billing parents for purchases made. The goal is to completely transition to a cashless system by Spring Break. For large events, we will still be accepting cash.

Misty Shipley
Director of Finance and Operations

Amazing Arts Exhibition & Auction – Donate Your Arts Today!

Calling for donations from all artists and art makers for UNIS Hanoi’s upcoming Amazing Arts – Community Exhibition & Auction.

Advancement Office is partnering with Service Learning, Lower and Upper Elementary art students for the 3rd annual Amazing ARTS – Community Exhibition & Auction raising money for Service Learning projects and partners through The Birthday Gift Fund.

Opening evening: 18:00 – 20:00 on Friday, February 15
Exhibition: February 15 – March 1
Location: Centre for the Arts

The concept is simple… students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni donate a piece of art they have created (or collected) for the auction and then for 2 weeks our community will bid in a silent, secret auction to take home the art of their choice! Artwork could be a painting, a sketch, an embroidery, a book, photographs, ceramics… all up to your creative talents!

Thanks to our supportive community, we raised over $10,000 USD in the last 2 years. We look forward to a flood of artistic offerings this year. Don’t be shy! Your art will look fabulous in someone else’s home!

Please drop off your piece of art by Friday, February 8 at the Advancement Office (B7 Rm 102) so that we can create a wonderful exhibition.
Please complete our Art Auction Information form to let us know a little about you and your work to help us plan our display. We will find room for everyone’s art! THANK YOU!

Questions? Contact  Ms Ha Dinh (fundraising@unishanoi.org) in the Advancement Office.

Parent Information – Head Lice

Head Lice

Head lice are a parasitic insect found on the head, eyebrows and eyelashes. They feed on human blood several times a day, live close to the scalp. They have 3 forms; egg (also called nit), the nymph, and the adult. Head lice are not known to spread disease. They are not unique to UNIS Hanoi and/or Vietnam.

How do they move/how are they spread?

Head lice move by crawling, they cannot hop or fly. They are spread by direct contact with the hair of an infested person. Head to head contact during play at school, home and elsewhere.  It is very uncommon for spread by contact with clothing. Personal hygiene in the home has nothing to do with getting head lice.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Tickling feeling or something moving in the hair.
  • Itching caused by the bites of the head louse.
  • Irritability, difficulties sleeping as the lice are most active at night in the dark.
  • Sores on the head from scratching.


Head lice are not preventable but with regular checks, you can ensure early detection. We recommend weekly inspections using the wet combing procedure (same for detection and treatment).

Treatment Options:

  • Chemical options
  • Wet combing

Chemical options contain insecticides and must be treated with caution. They can only be used with live lice – they have no effect on eggs.

Most important – lice and eggs, (nits) must be removed every 3 days to ensure no re infestation.

Wet Combing Procedure:

  • Wash the hair in the normal way with shampoo or wet with water.
  • Rinse shampoo out and put on lots of conditioner
  • Comb hair with normal comb to get rid of tangles
  • Change to the lice comb
  • Divide the hair into sections, work one small section of hair at a time.
  • Place the comb at the base of the hair follicle
  • Draw the comb through the hair to the tip
  • Work around the entire head repeating the above
  • Check the comb for lice after each stroke by wiping on a towel or rinsing the comb in a bowl
  • When completed the entire head –rinse out conditioner
  • Lice are easier to see in bright light

The first combing should remove all hatched eggs but it will not remove the eggs. Picking the nits (eggs) off the hair with fingers may be necessary.  Repeat every 2-3 days for 2-3 weeks or until no lice found.

Weekly combing should be carried out to prevent/ and or detect any re –infestation


Treating and combing for lice is time consuming, however, this must be done frequently. Combing remains the responsibility of the parent.


There is much debate regarding exclusion from school. At UNIS Hanoi we advise that if your child has head lice, you should inform the School Health Centre so appropriate notifications and support can be provided.

Centre for Disease Control and prevention, CDC online access 5 November 5, 2013 www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head

UNIS Head Lice Brochure for Parents

From the School Health Centre

From the Head of School

Dear Parents,

It has been a pleasure working with your children throughout the first semester. On behalf of the faculty and staff at UNIS Hanoi, I hope you have a restful, safe and happy holiday with friends and family.

Please note that the campus will be closed from December 24 – January 1. We will resume operations on January 2, 2019. During the break, the administrative building will be closed. If you need the below departments, they will be located in the following areas:
  • HOS Office – B8B Activities Conference Room
  • Human Resources – B8B – 117
  • Business Office – B5 – 127
  • Advancement – B8B – Faculty Lounge
  • Admissions – B8B – 115 & 116

We look forward to welcoming everyone back on January 7 and wish you all the best for 2019!

Jane McGee
Head of School

From the Board of Directors

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I write to update you on some of the work the Board has been engaged in during the first half of this year.


One of the main duties and responsibilities of the Board is the fiscal stability of the School. We are committed to maintaining a secure financial foundation and transparency for our community. We are pleased to note the following;

  1. Audit 2017-18: Ernst and Young have carried out last year’s audit and have declared the school’s financial reports to be in good order. The Annual Report 2017-2018 (UNIS Unfolded)  will provide the summary financial overview – available end semester 1.
  2. Budget planning 2018 -19: Our projected budget for this year was based on an enrollment figure of 1135 students. Current admissions  data anticipates no change to this figure with no budget adjustment required.
  3. Budget 2019 -20: The Board has approved the budget for next year’s annual action plan based on a steady enrollment of 1135. This is a cautious figure as we  budget conservatively to ensure long term stability for the school. UNIS Hanoi remains the number 1 choice of new families relocating to Hanoi.

Tuition Fees Increase of 4%, Capital Fees increase to $3,000 (K2-G12)

The Board bases its budget decision on the School’s Values, Mission and Vision to ensure that the School honours its commitment to you and your children. Key to that commitment is recruiting and retaining highly qualified and experienced teachers and further developing our facilities in support of teaching and learning. Thorough benchmarking analysis of local and regional international schools as well as wider economic scans are used to determine the budget figures each year. Following review, a draft budget with a proposed 4% tuition increase for 2019-2020 was presented at our community meeting in November with  a capital fee increase to $3,000 for grades K2 – 12. These budget figures were subsequently approved at the 20 November Board meeting.

During the first half of this year the Board has also worked in the following areas:

  1. Nurturing and supporting our new Head of School Jane McGee during her first year at UNIS Hanoi.
  2. Establishing a Fundraising Task Force that will work to define the future of Fundraising at UNIS Hanoi.
  3. Preliminary planning for our next strategic planning cycle to follow `Strategy 2020’, which reaches completion at the end of next year.  
  4. Maintaining strong financial oversight as the school works to build reserves for our next phase of campus development.

None of these achievements would be possible without the dedication of Board and Committee volunteers. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and support and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year. 

Amie Pollack, PhD.
Board Chair 2018-2019

Admissions Notices

Are you planning on leaving? Please submit an Admissions Withdrawal Form indicating the last day of attendance for your child/ren. This will help us to transition new students into school as early as possible for the second semester of this academic year.

Do you have other siblings for whom you would like to apply? Admissions for the 2019-2020 school year will open in January, so please contact us as soon as possible to register your child’s details.

Will you re-enroll your children for the 2019-2020 school year? Re-enrolment for current students will commence at the end of January and will be completed using the parent portal. To secure placements, a tuition deposit payment is required for each child and will be due 29 March 2019.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance by dropping into the Admissions Office in B7, email admissions@unishanoi.org or telephone 0247 300 4508 extensions 8217 / 8738 / 8739 / 8732 / 8220.

Thank you

Bronagh Lucardie
Senior Manager Admissions

Campus Cards for Lunch

We have had an ongoing issue with students forgetting to bring their campus cards to the canteen to pay for meals. In order to support our students, we have provided lunch and recorded their names. This week we have applied charges to family accounts for these meals provided. Please make sure to top up your family account for your child’s meal purchase and remind your child to bring the campus card to the canteen.

To make the lunch process easier when students do not have their card, we have developed a programme that emails parents if the child does not bring their card and provides an internal report for faster account billing. You will now receive an email if your child is provided lunch when they forget their card and the Business Office will apply the charges to your family account.

Please work with us and remind your children that they must take their card to the canteen for lunch and breaks and keep the cards topped up with funds.

Thank you.

Misty Shipley
Director of Finance and Operations