UN Day Celebrations at UNIS Hanoi

UN Day is one of the key moments of the school year when our entire community joins together to celebrate building a better world…together!

Our UN Day Celebrations is only 3 weeks away and we’re busy preparing for this wonderful event on Monday, October 21! All Parents and Guardians are warmly invited to this special event which involves many of our children from all three divisions.

The traditional Assembly will be the culminating event of our Discovery-Grade 12 SDG Week (October 14-18) when all our students will take part in projects supporting the UN’s Agenda 2030 and towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Assembly will open with our traditional Parade of Nations to celebrate the 195 Members States and Observer States of the United Nations with more than 250 student flag bearers.

The Assembly will start promptly at 11:00am in the Sports Centre and followed by our delicious international Community Lunch at 12:00.


You and your children are welcomed and encouraged to wear something representing your “national” dress or clothes from a place where you have lived.

With such a multicultural mix of nationalities, it is sometimes difficult to identify with only one nationality, so we encourage the children to create or put together a costume that represents their own sense of identity. In the end, wear something you will feel comfortable wearing. Business dress is often preferred by parents and no one should feel any pressure to ‘dress up’.

Amazing Arts Auction – Thank you!

Thank you to our community members for your generous donations of art and the bids for the Amazing Arts Auction. With your support, we have raised almost 90 million VND (equivalent to 3,865 USD) from a total of 131 bids!

Every single VND will be used to transform lives through our Service Learning projects! The winners and artists have been contacted and can collect the winnings from the Advancement Office after payment is made with the Business office.

Again, thank you for making this another successful funsraising event!

If you have any questions, please contact Ha Dinh – Fundraising Coordinator at fundraising@unishanoi.org

Amazing Arts Auction – Don’t Miss Out!

  • Are you looking for meaningful gift ideas?
  • Do you have an empty wall in your home waiting for a nice piece of art?
  • Are you a big supporter of the Service Learning programme?
Dont miss a chance to visit the Centre for the Arts to explore our Amazing Arts Exhibition and Auction – a fundraising event to support Service Learning projects.
Thanks to our generous and supportive community, over 130 amazing artworks donated by students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni are now on show and waiting for your bidding in a secret, silent auction!   

What a better way to have oppotunity to choose an art that you or your beloved one would treasure, knowing that your money will help saving a life from heart operation, empowring children with lifelong water safety skills, or setting up a library for a school in remore area in Vietnam…

PUT YOUR BID in the auction ballot box at Centre for the Arts or BID ONLINE HERE (please click on each photo to bid). Auction will end 12:00 noon Friday, March 1 and winner will be contacted via email.

Amazing Arts Auction is on Show

Don’t miss the Amazing Arts Auction with over 130 original artworks donated by our students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. This is on show from February 15 to March 1 at noon and it could be yours!

The concept is simple… students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni have donated a piece of art they have created for the auction and then for 10 days our community will bid in a silent, secret auction to take home the art of their choice!

Five steps for a successful secret, silent auction:

  1. Wander around the gallery in the Centre for the Arts and decide which pieces you would like to take home.
  2. Decide what you want to pay for it and complete one of the bidding slips. Be sure to include the artwork ID Number and your name and contact information.
  3. Post the bid in the sealed auction ballot box.
  4. Wait patiently to find out if you bid high enough!
  5. We will gather all the bids from the sealed ballot box at the end of 10 days and the artwork will go home to the highest bidder!

Over $10,000 USD was raised over the last two year thanks to this community’s generosity in donating their artworks! ALL the funds this year will go to support our Service Learning projects and partners through The Birthday Gift Fund.

Amazing Arts Exhibition and Auction – By the Community, for the Community!

It’s the season of giving! As everyone is set for the winter break, why not take some of your holiday time to create a piece of art for the upcoming Amazing Arts – Community Exhibition & Auction?
Advancement office is partnering with Service Learning,  Lower and Upper Elementary art students for the 3rd annual Amazing ART raising money for Service Learning projects and partners through The Birthday Gift Fund.

Opening evening: 18:00 – 20:00 on Friday, February 15
Exhibition: February 15 – March 1
Location: Centre for the Arts

The concept is simple… students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni donate a piece of art they have created (or collected) for the auction and then for 2 weeks our community will bid in a silent, secret auction to take home the art of their choice! Artwork could be a painting, a sketch, an embroidery, a book, photographs, ceramics… all up to your creative talents!

Thanks to our supportive community, we raised over $10,000 USD in the last 2 years. We look forward to a flood of artistic offerings this year. Don’t be shy! Your art will look fabulous in someone else’s home!

Please drop off your piece of art by Friday, February 8 at the Advancement Office (B7 Rm 102) so that we can create a wonderful exhibition.
Please complete our Art Auction Information form to let us know a little about you and your work to help us plan our display. We will find room for everyone’s art! THANK YOU!

Questions? Contact  Ms Ha Dinh (fundraising@unishanoi.org) in the Advancement Office.