Board of Directors Community Meeting – November 13

Please join us for the Board of Directors Community Meeting on November 13, 2018 at 18.30

UNIS Hanoi Parents  are cordially invited to attend the Board of Directors Community Meeting which will be held on Tuesday November 13, 2018  starting at 18.30.  The meeting will be held in UNIS Hanoi Building B8b, Ly Thai To Learning Centre (Upstairs, new Canteen), rooms 116 – 118.

A reception will begin at 18.30 at which you can meet with UNIS Hanoi Board members.

Wine, beer, soft drinks and light food refreshments will be available.

The formal meeting will start at 19:00 and will include the following:

  • Introduction to Members of the Board of Directors 2018-2019
  • Board Goals and Committees/Task Force for the Year
  • Comprehensive Financial Update to include:
    1. Overview of international school financing
    2. Country and regional economic factors
    3. Programme and staffing requirements

Proposed 2019-2020 Budget to include details of anticipated tuition and capital fees.

The meeting will conclude with a community exercise where attendees are asked to contribute to a group discussion topic.

To prepare for and effectively respond to your questions, please send me in advance any specific Board or Governance questions you would like us to address at


Amie Pollack
UNIS Hanoi Board Chair

Tech Hacks to Simplify Your Life

  • Do you have problems syncing the school calendar to your personal device?
  • Are you struggling to figure out how to publish your personal information in the Community Directory on the Parent Portal?
  • Do you want to better understand what systems are for what?

Then this session is for you! Join this session to learn about time-saving tech shortcuts to better organise your online life with UNIS Hanoi! Get tips from our school tech pros and an opportunity to get answers to tech-related questions from the experts themselves!

November 6 (18.00 – 19.00) – Community Room (followed by a community meeting with the Head of School)
To be prepare for the meeting, please register HERE.
Can’t make it to this session? No worries, we have an additional session scheduled!
  • February 12 (8.30 – 9.30)
Questions? Contact Nathalie Grun at

KOTO Dream Ride – Last Chance to Register!

Last chance to register for this year’s KOTO Dream Ride!

UNIS Hanoi is proud to continue this year sponsoring the KOTO Dream Ride, which is an annual bike ride to raise funds to support at-risk and disadvantaged youth through vocational training. The race will take place next weekend on Saturday, November 10th and this year will once again start and end right here at UNIS Hanoi campus! This is a popular event with our with our staff, faculty, students and parents and we encourage you to join the fun for a good cause. Click HERE to register.

For your convenience, KOTO Dream ride registration payment can be made by UNIS Hanoi community members on UNIS Hanoi campus at the reception desk in the lobby of Administration building (B7) on weekdays from 8am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-5pm. Please see Ms. Linh at the reception desk to pay after registering online with KOTO.

Head of School Community Meeting

Dear Parents,

Please join me on Tuesday, 6 November at 19.00 in the Community Room (B7) for the second community meeting of the year. I look forward to sharing a summary of the first community meeting of the year, engaging in a dialogue about the school’s self study process with our three accreditation bodies (CIS – Council of International Schools, WASC – Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and IB – International Baccalaureate), and providing a forum for Q&A.
To be prepare for the meeting, please register HERE.

Jane McGee
Head of School

Sunday of Service – Sign up remains open till Saturday 12 noon

Service is central to all that we do at UNIS Hanoi and so what better way to celebrate our commitment to a Better World than as a community!

Building on last year’s successful pilot event in May, we are organising two events this year and the first is coming up next weekend.

The goal is for students, faculty, parents and alumni to enjoy giving back to our community together and we hope that you will join in.

On Sunday October 28 choose from four varied service activities. There are no costs to participate:

  • Sports afternoon with visiting local children at UNIS Hanoi (14:00 – 16:00). Spaces limited to 10 Sunday Service volunteers (Any ages. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling).
  • Organic Gardening with our High School team (14:00 – 16:00). THIS ACTIVITY IS FULLY BOOKED.
  • Visit to the Fauna Flora International Delacour’s Langur Project in Van Long Nature Reserve with the HS Wildlife Group. (12:00 depart UNIS Hanoi. Return by 18:30) THIS ACTIVITY IS FULLY BOOKED
  • A Clean-up with UNIS Hanoi Sustainability Group – Unlimited but please note this activity is not suitable for children under 10 years old and all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling.



Flagging up UN Day – Final Reminder

This week the second round of invitations went out this week for Flag Bearers for our UN Day celebrations.

The second round, is to assign flag bearers for those few remaining flags which were not accepted in the first round through our random lottery system.

Please be sure to check your email and confirm participation by REPLY TO THE EMAIL before 18:00 on Monday October 29. If we do not receive a response to before the deadline the invitation will be re-assigned to another student.

The UN Day assembly opens with the Parade of Nations a dramatic celebration of the 195 Full Member and Observer States of the United Nations.

We follow a strict procedure to try and be as fair as possible to all and are sorry for any disappointments. We share the procedure in full below for transparency. This has been a system that we have used for three years and is reviewed every year with community input.

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Silva:

Parade of Nations – Flag Bearer Selection Procedure

  1. We include all the flags of the 195 United Nations member states in the UN Day Parade of Nations. (193 full member states and 2 observer states: Palestine and Holy See)
  2. The flags from the 68 member states represented in our community in 2018-2019 will be paraded downstairs in the Sports Centre carried by students from those countries. The 127 other flags will be upstairs in the balcony parade and can be carried by students from any nation.
  3. Students in Grades 1-12 are eligible to carry flags. We will invite one ES (G1-G5) and one MSHS (G6-12) student from each national group to carry their national flag (2 bearers per flag). Exceptions to this general rule as follows:
    1. If the only student from a country is in Grade D-K2, they may carry their flag assisted by an appointed MSHS student chaperone.
    2. Students in Grades 1-11 may not be selected to carry their nation’s flag downstairs for two consecutive years in any national group with more than two students represented. They can still be selected to represent a member state in the balcony parade.
    3. In recognition of our graduating class’s final year, we will invite the oldest of our G12 students to carry the flag of their nationality. There are 23 nationalities represented in this year’s graduating class.
    4. In the case that there are only students from a country in one division, two students will be selected from that division. Please note for Elementary School one flag bearer would be selected from G1-3 and one from G4-5 in order for the older student to support the younger flag bearer.
    5. Students performing in the UNIS Hanoi Symphonic Orchestra may not carry a flag.
  4. We determine a student’s nationality based on the country/ies of citizenship (passport/s) registered in the UNIS Hanoi school information system. Individual affinity, heritage, family history or past place of residence is not taken into consideration.
  5. All invitations will be issued by lottery (random selection based on individual Veracross Student ID) within national groups. The goal is to provide every eligible student with equal opportunity.
  6. If any student invited does not want to carry their country’s flag, the replacement bearer is then drawn by lottery from the national group in their division. Flag bearers do not have the option to transfer their invitation to a family member or friend.
  7. The 127 flags from the other UN member states will be carried by students selected by lottery from G4-G11 (one bearer per flag). Again, replacements will also be selected by lottery from this group.
  8. Invitation and confirmation process as follows. Please note that invitations for all flag bearers go out at the same time. This year invitations will be sent before Friday October 5:
    1. The initial invitation is sent to parent 1 email, CC parent 2 email and student email (for students from G4 and above) with clear instructions to confirm before the deadline of Monday October 22 at 18:00.
    2. If we do not receive a response to before the deadline the invitation will be re-assigned to another student.
    3. A reminder will be sent before the deadline on Friday October 19.
    4. Confirmation will be sent from UNIS Hanoi when we receive a response to accept or refuse the invitation by parent or student and cc’d to the original recipients.
    5. A second round of ‘lottery’ generated invitations will go out on Tuesday October 23 with a deadline of Monday October 29 at 18.00. There will be no reminder for second round invitations.
    6. If following two rounds of invitations, there are flags which do not have bearers, student council/senate will be engaged in the process.


Son Doong is back at UNIS Hanoi – Sign Up Today!

Hang Son Doong from Ryan Deboodt on Vimeo.

We are delighted to welcome Huong Le from the Save Son Doong group as the opening plenary speaker at our upcoming IBO regional workshops event hosted at UNIS Hanoi. And the team will be with her to bring the virtual experience of the worlds largest and most pristine caves to our community again.

Sessions for UNIS Hanoi community ONLY will be available in 30 minute time slots from 9:00 until 16:00 on Friday November 2 and Saturday November 3.


(REMINDER: There is no school on Thursday or Friday (November 1-2) due to our all school professional development training days.)

What is the Son Doong Cave Experience?

Would you like to experience the world’s largest cave via VIRTUAL REALITY? Thanks to the Save Son Doong Organisation in partnership with Samsung, the Son Doong VR Experience is coming back to UNIS Hanoi in the Centre for the Arts foyer.

Five-million year-old Son Doong Cave is located in the core area of UNESCO World Heritage listed Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh province. First discovered by a local man in 1991, the cave was officially claimed as the largest in the world in 2009 by the British Cave Research Association. The main Son Doong cave passage is more than five km long, 200 metres high and 150 metres wide, which could fit an entire 40-floor city block in New York or a Boeing 747. The cave runs for approximately 9 kilometres and is punctuated by two large dolines, which are areas where the ceiling of the cave has collapsed. Sunlight enters the dolines creating small forests with different types of trees and vegetation.

ONLINE BOOKING ONLY – Limited spaces. Don’t miss out!

**The Virtual Reality headsets are designed for ages 12 and up only, children must be at least 12 years old to sign up.**

Help us to Protect Yourself and Protect Others from Flu Season

The nurses in the School Health Center are seeing an increase of children coming to school with fever. Flu season is here. If your child does not feel well during the night or in the morning, please check their temperature. If it is 38.0 celsius or higher they must remain at home. Please do not send them to school even if they have had medication and are feeling better. If your child does not have fever, please let us know by email that they were not feeling well and we can check on them. Proper hand washing at home and school, is the number one way to prevent spread of illness.

Reminder: UNIS Hanoi policy for sick children

If your child is sick and has fever, please keep them at home and notify the School Health Centre. It is imperative that the child remain at home for 24 hours after the fever has stopped. They must not have had any form of fever reducing medication for 24 hours before returning to class.

The School Health Centre

UNIS Hanoi Cross Country Invitational Race

UNIS Hanoi held their first ever Cross Country Meet on Wednesday 24 October. 22 UNIS Hanoi students raced against 20 Concordia students over a distance of 4km. The trail covered a variety of terrain in and around school environs – including grass, gravel, mud, concrete and tarseal.

Some excellent racing was seen in the 2 races of the day. At times, the finishes were very close by millimeters. It was very exciting. The runners were supported by many parents and teachers coming out to watch and cheer on everyone.

Results were:

1st Iesytn           UNIS   15.37
2nd Honza         UNIS   17.02
3rd Andrew        CONC 17.09
4th Graham       UNIS   17.10

1st: Natalie         UNIS   17.51
2nd: Gaby           UNIS   18.58
3rd: Kim              UNIS   18.58
4th: Lily               UNIS   19.11