Health Tips for Travel

As some families prepare to travel during the holidays, we would like to send you off with some travel health tips:

  • Choose the window seat to minimize contact with others. You’re more likely to get sick if you sit within one or two rows of a sick traveler, but you can’t predict this in advance. In general, no matter where you end up, you’ll want to avoid as much contact with other people as you can.
  • Wipe down your tray table, armrest, and seat: Airlines do not clean your accommodations nearly as often as they should. Researchers have found that the seat pocket and armrests are some of the spots on planes with the most germs, though the in-flight entertainment screen, tray table, and other areas of your seat follow not far behind.
  • Wear a Surgical Mask: This will help protect you from large droplet particles.

Personal Health Precautions

Hand Washing is your number 1 defense!

  • Stay hydrated
  • Use hand sanitizer if water and soap is not available
  • Rest well
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

After you land, don’t let down your guard. Remember, while your actual flight may make up the bulk of your travel, you’re also in close proximity to other travellers in the airport, taxis, and other parts of your day. So don’t get complacent once you’re off the plane.

Returning from the holidays

Please DO NOT send your child to School if they are sick. Doing so, puts other students and staff at risk! If your child is sick or you are concerned, please contact the School Health Centre for further instructions.

Remember what to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19

  1. Self-quarantine in a separate, well ventilated (ideally with open windows) room at home. Self-monitor very closely the symptoms. Wearing a face mask and avoiding close contacts with other people. Keep a minimum 2m distance. Practice other personal hygiene measures such as frequent and proper hand washing.
  2. Call the hotline of MOH (19009095) for medical consultation. Do exactly as the doctor advises. If you experience breathing difficulties, seek medical consultation immediately and visit closest medical facilities as per advice of designated doctors.  
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