UNIS Cultural Collection Enriches Student Learning

The UNIS Cultural Collection is an educational collection designed to inspire learning through the lens of Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage. This collection was made possible by the generous donation of more than 200 Vietnamese cultural and historical artefacts by a UNIS Hanoi parent and her business partner from 54 Traditions.

While the official launch of the collection to the community is not until the UN Day Celebration, our teachers couldn’t wait any longer, wishing to advance their students’ learning experience by bringing the collection to their classes.

This week, Grade 8 students have been observing and drawing items from the UNIS Cultural Collection in the current unit focusing on improving drawing skills. While focusing on line, mass and ink, the students looked at objects such as instruments, baskets and rice cutters. A variety of clothing items from the collection were the subject matter while examining patterns and using watercolor. Grade 9 and Grade 10 students who are currently in the iBlock Vietnamese Textiles looked at the weaving and embroidery used in these textiles.

Meanwhile, Grade 7 students, as part of their Individuals and Societies classes, explored artefacts in the UNIS Cultural Collection for their exciting new project: showcasing their learning and helping be cultural ambassadors for Vietnam.The unit focuses on culture and how it forms a part of our shared identity with others, which is often dependent on time, place, and space, and can be expressed in many ways. This week the students examined different items and their connections in class. They also had a chance to look at the collection in person and begin the investigation of the diverse ethnic groups and cultures in Vietnam.

Grade 7 will be creating videos explaining the artefacts and the cultures they are from. These videos will eventually be part of the UNIS Cultural Collection’s on-campus exhibition and online resource. If you are interested in helping be a community contributor or you feel you have any expertise or insight to help contribute to this project, please contact Laura Kaufman.


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