What’s on your Parent Portal?

Parents looking for general information about our School Health Centre and the service the team provides can now find it on the parent portal. 

Simply look under ‘Community Life’ and you’ll see ‘School Health Centre’ listed under the ‘On Campus’ section. The page contains the centre’s opening hours, contact information and important reminders. Parents can also find links to the websites of major clinics and hospitals in Hanoi – Raffles Medical Hanoi, Family Medical Practice, the French Hospital Hanoi and Vinmec International Hospital. 

Parents can also read the School’s Asthma Action Plan, Allergy Action Plan and AQI Guidelines. 

Need to submit an updated Medical Examination Form?

Do you still need to submit your child’s medical form? Did you know you can do so easily via the portal? You can find the most recent Medical Examination Form in two places on the parent portal:

  1. On the Homepage, under ‘Other Resources’,
  2. On the School Health Centre page, on the right hand side under ‘Useful Links’

Once the Medical Examination is complete, please email the scanned copy to shc@unishanoi.org and the School Health Centre will review the form and upload it to the Veracross system. Our nurses do not require the hard copy as we are moving to a paperless system.

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