Important: New Registration Process for Withdrawing Students

In our transient, international school environment, we know that families come and go. We are always hopeful your plans will keep you in Hanoi for many years, however, if you are planning to depart during the school year or at the end of the school year, please read the following information and view the videos for instructions prior to beginning the registration process that is now on the Veracross Parent Portal.

Register and View History
To register for withdrawal from the School, please go to your Parent Portal where you will find the red box labeled Student Withdrawal Process which will take you to Register and View History.

  • Register: This is where you register for your child/ren to begin the withdrawal process in order to finalise the process by the last official day of school.
  • View History: This is where you can track the process to make sure all of the items that belong to the School are returned; items such as library books, musical instruments, laptops or other school materials.

Most importantly, the final documentation requested during the registration process for each departing child is handled by the Registrar, Ms. Thuy Anh at when areas of School are cleared and any outstanding fees are paid.

Please view the instructions to support you through this important process. This information is also located on the Student Withdrawal Process on your Parent Portal. Please contact Ms. Thuy Anh at if you need support or have any questions.

Video Instructions: Register and View History

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