Student Photo Days – September 7-9

When: September 7-9

Where: Ly Thai To Learning Centre (Building 8b-115&116)

During three days, September 7-9, UNIS Hanoi will have professional photographers from Picture Day on campus taking individual portraits of each student. The photos will then be used for the School’s Yearbook and other official school materials and school information system.

In respect of physical distancing, students will not be taking class photos at this time. We hope to be able to organise a class photo session in Semester 2.

Please CLICK HERE to view the photoshoot schedule for your child(ren). If your child is absent on her/his assigned day, all make-up photos will be taken in April 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your child(ren) has PE lesson during the day, please remind her/him to bring an additional shirt for the shoot. We will provide a mirror and hair dryer in the Community Room.

As a parent, you will have the opportunity to purchase different sized photographs of your child’s portrait afterwards. Parents will receive access codes on Wednesday September 16 to enter Picture Day’s online galleries to order your child(ren)’s photos. All photos order by September… will be delivered on Tuesday October 20.

Any question about photo schedule, please contact
Any questions about photo orders, please contact .

Tips for a striking photo!

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