Library Service Remains Open During Summer

Parents whose children are attending the summer programme can borrow books from the library this summer, thanks to a novel approach adopted by the librarians.

Parents are invited to visit the library libguide site where they can click on the ‘Destiny’ library catalogue and select the range of books from our collection.

Please email the library team at: with your book choices. You will need to also say the name and grade of your child who is attending the summer programme so that they can collect the books on your behalf. You can return books in the same way or simply drop them at the front gate.

Parents whose children are not attending the Summer Programme can check out Sora to access all of our fabulous eBooks. The login and password is your usual school login. The books will automatically stay on your device for two weeks and then return themselves.

If you are looking for reading inspiration for your children, look no further than our Libguide for Summer Reading ideas. There are lots of great links to the best books for kids, audio books, science fiction, graphic novels and reading challenges.

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