The Journey of our Bear Project

Did you know that many bears all around Asia are captured and treated unfairly?  Did you know they are kept in tiny cages, and jabbed with a filthy long needle to get the bile out of their stomachs? This needs to stop. We had to help. So that’s exactly what we did.

In Grade Five we have to find an I-Act project and take action. We couldn’t decide between a few topics, but then we found out about bear farming, and we decided we wanted to learn more. We started by doing some research and we learned what bear farming actually is. During the research time, we found out a lot of horrible facts about how terrible bear capture and farming is. Once we had found out quite a bit about bears and their bile, we looked at a couple of bear rescue centers, and decided we wanted to help the Tam Dao Bear Rescue Centre who were doing a wonderful job of saving bears.

After a lot of research, we decided to sign up for the UNIS Winterfest so we could raise some money. This was a big decision because we had a lot of responsibilities to take care of. We decided on a bake sale and games. We had to prepare cookies and cakes, as well as make posters, stickers and games. Lots of people were interested in our stand! At the end of the day we counted our money and we had raised 5.5 million Dong. We were really happy and excited that we had raised such a large amount of money!

And then there was COVID-19, which meant that we weren’t able to visit the bear centre right away. Only after a couple of months, once the lockdown was over, were we able to visit the Tam Dao Bear Rescue Centre and hand over our donation.

Overall we feel like this was an amazing experience because we learned a lot. We also had a super amount of fun, and helped to make the lives of Bears better. But, the bears still need more help. Here’s what you can do. To donate money, please visit You can also visit the Hanoi bear center by booking a tour to learn more and have fun!

Let’s all take action and do what we can to help stop bear farming.

Samea & Clara, 5D

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