Clothing drive for ‘H4H Thrift Store’

An Appeal from our Habitat for Humanity Service Learning Leaders…

We are the leaders for the Habitat for Humanity service-learning, in collaboration with the Fashion Revolution group.

In order to raise funds for our projects while simultaneously adhering to UNIS Hanoi’s core value of sustainability, our groups are launching a new project, known as the ‘H4H Thrift Store’. The goal of this project is to bring in clothes from those who no longer use them and redistribute/sell them at a reasonable price to others that are interested. As the end of school year approaches, we urge you to use this as an opportunity to clean out your closets and donate what you can to our project. The funds that we raise will go into our annual house builds. If you are interested in donating, look below for our simple instructions!

  1. Get rid of what you don’t wear – we accept any QUALITY Clothes – shorts, pants, shirts, dresses, accessories…etc.

  2. Bring in the clothes that you would like to donate and leave them in the baskets outside B5-G18


Please bring in your donations before June 9. Your donations will be uploaded to an Instagram and Facebook page where fellow teachers/students can purchase

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best regards,

Habitat for Humanity & Fashion Revolution.

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