Update On Events

The CoronaVirus Outbreak, now known as COVID-19, disrupted not only classroom learning, but also many of our community events for the month of February. Parent meetings, SCO meetings and Professional Development conferences were impacted. 

Hardest hit were the team sports and arts events. For the Activities office, coaches, athletes, artists and their families, there was understandably huge disappointment felt when MRISA, APAC and HAC events were cancelled. 

At the heart of every school’s actions has been the health and safety of every child. Schools such as Shanghai American School, International School Beijing, and International School Eastern Seaboard took the early decision as host schools to cancel APAC or MRISA events once news of the virus broke. Since then, as a result of school closures, flight restrictions and other quarantine measures, other host schools have cancelled the remainder of events in February. As communicated in earlier emails to our community, all events in February have been cancelled. 

Looking forward to March, we know that the International School Bangkok has cancelled their Splash Meet (March 6-8) and the International School of Phnom Penh has cancelled the Middle School STEM tournament (March 6-8).  

We ask that you continue to look at the calendar for updates. 

As a School, we are also actively working with our partner schools in Vietnam and across the region to try and plan culminating festival events so that we can celebrate our APAC, MRISA and HAC participants and give them the experience they’ve worked so hard for. Subject to Government directives, we hope these events will take place some time in the coming month. Watch this space!

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