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Yanik Nyberg (Class of 2013)‘s original research about the potential for using seawater to grow sustainable food crops as a way to utilise degraded and marginalised land has developed into Seawater Solutions, a unique startup that teaches farmers how to grow crops using water from a source which won’t run out – the sea. Based in Glasgow, the start up is looking to expand their scope to Asia next year.

This quick film from Reuters gives the latest updates about Yanik’s project.

Yanik’s time at UNIS and, subsequently, at universities in Scotland has fostered a passion for sustainable agriculture in the context of food security and climate change. Through pilot projects in Scotland and South Asia, Yanik’s team hopes to develop the blueprints for seawater farming systems that can be applied to most coastal regions around the world for food production and the creation of wetland habitats and coastal defence against seawater intrusion.

For more background on the project, check out this feature from Uniquely UNIS Summer 2018 Edition.

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