Impact Fund Big Ideas Announced!

The UNIS Impact Fund is new this year and is designed to empower our students to change the world!

And this week the Impact Fund Committee listened to the voice of our community and approved two Big Idea Goals for this year’s community fundraising. Next week we will be writing to our community with more information and asking for your support for:

  1. UNIS Botanical Garden – A moveable learning ‘jungle’ on campus, greening the School and providing powerful learning opportunities!
  2. UNIS Solar Power – Prototyping renewable energy on campus with both roof panels and a solar tree for our new Botanical Garden!

The Impact Fund Committee were delighted with the level of response from our students with 54% of all students registering their preference for the offered projects.

There were a total of 1267 votes cast by students, faculty, parents, staff and alumni for the three different projects! THANK YOU!

These Big Ideas will only become reality with everyone’s help!
We plan to raise $100,000 USD through community fundraising this year and it starts next week!

And at the same time as the fundraising campaign, we will have two small taskforces from the Impact Fund Committee of students, faculty, staff and parents working together on the plans for the Big Ideas (with the proposal authors and School Admin), and we will share the plans with you as more details develop. The outline plans have already undergone considerable community and expert consultation and we know they are both viable within our fundraising goal.

If you would like to get involved and help the Impact Fund Committee with the project development or with the fundraising, please contact


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