UNIS Impact Fund – First Grants Approved!

Student and community ideas are already being put into action!

Thanks to the UNIS Impact Fund and the partnership with the School Community Organisation for its Grants Programme, our students and faculty will soon be working to deliver the following projects:

  • Teaching music to disadvantaged youth with Ukeles provided by the UNIS Impact Fund
  • Plastic pollution reduction through an art exhibition and the stories told by re-usable shopping bags provided by the UNIS Impact Fund
  • Artist in residence to demonstrate and teach traditional Vietnamese Textile Art

This week the UNIS Impact Fund Grants Committee met and reviewed 11 Grant applications from students, teachers and parents and approved three for immediate action!

Three more proposals were asked for further development, and approval in concept and principal was given for UNIS Beekeeping to develop a detailed proposal. All of these Grants are possible thanks to the generous support of the School Community Organisation (SCO) who have donated 20,000 USD to support small projects with a special emphasis on promoting advocacy, risk taking, prototyping and piloting and all with Learning Impact at the centre.

So many great projects making an impact in our community! If you have an idea for a grant proposal we want to hear from you. The UNIS Impact Fund is open for Grant applications all year round – Find out more!

Thanks to the Impact Fund Grants Sub-Committee which has representation from all members of the community:
Chair: Iraj deSilva (Parent)
Members: Chris Behr (SCO), Emma Silva (Admin), Gareth Harrison Poole (Parent), Eddie Lee (G10 student), Vilma Nikklasson (G5 Student), Lily Liu (Faculty), Hanh Bich (Staff).


The Impact Fund Committee’s¬†Feasibility Assessment Taskforce is currently mid-review for six potential Big Idea GOALS, interviewing the proposal authors, local experts and School administrators to ensure we can really make the projects work!

We are extremely fortunate to have expert community members both on the Impact Fund Committee and in the Taskforce with decades of experience in assessing, developing, delivering and monitoring projects of this kind and we are confident that all the right questions are being asked and all the necessary information is being gathered to develop and explore all of the possible ideas that have been shortlisted this far.

We are keeping all the projects under wraps at the moment, but the Committee will meet on November 14 to provide a shortlist which will be communicated to the community and all students will be invited to vote and give the Impact Fund Committee their feedback as they face final decision making for the Big Ideas at the end of November.

The final Big Ideas for the UNIS Impact Fund’raising Community Campaign 2019-2020 will be announced in the Tin Tuc on November 29.

And we will be sending out information for how you can support our students make their dreams come true to help change the world with a donation to our Community Campaign 2019-2020 which will launch just before the Winter Break.

QUESTIONS? Please see the UNIS Impact Fund website for more information or email impact@unishanoi.org

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