Library Renovation Works

I am delighted to announce that at the 22 October Board Meeting, the Board unanimously voted to approve Library Renovation works. The approved funds ($585,000) will go towards the following;

New furniture (hard and soft furnishings), new library entry for MS and HS students, new meeting rooms for collaboration, new carpet and blinds and updated electrical work, paint, and HVAC system.

Some design concepts can be seen below. 

The renovation works are scheduled to take place during the 2020 Summer Break.

Campus Assessment Study

Campus Development was paused following the completion of Phase 3A in 2017 to allow students and staff a rest from the building fences and to work to replenish capital reserves. Original campus buildings were constructed in time for UNIS Hanoi to move to the Ciputra campus back in August 2004. In view of the age of some of the buildings the Board has determined the need for a campus assessment study to review structures, roofs, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, fire systems, etc. The study will help determine the lifespan of existing structures and will provide a basis for future plans. The Board approved this campus assessment study at the 22 October Board meeting. The results of the campus assessment and its impact on future capital expenditures will be shared with the community when completed. 


Amie Pollack

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