From the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who attended the Board Community meeting on Tuesday November 5th.

UNIS Board Community Meeting

Details of the presentation can be found here.

  • Board Chair Amie Pollack introduced the 2019-2020 Board members and briefly outlined Board roles and goals for the year. 
  • Treasurer Hieu Nguyen provided an introduction to the 2020-2021 school budget, the members and objectives of the Finance Committee and details of the budget planning  process including benchmarking data. The budget for 2020-2021 includes provision for another counsellor in the high school to cater to increased college applications as well as social emotional support. 
  • Jane McGee – Head of School provided details on the Board approved Library Renovation work and campus buildings assessment (See the article below for more information). The full assessment report will help prioritise needs for further campus development, once the necessary capital reserves are in place.  
  • Finally Jane McGee provided some details on the following; UNIS Hanoi will be working to define the Next Strategic Plan with community workshops scheduled with a consultant the 28th and 29th November. All those interested in participating should write to Maeve O’Donovan  
  • A summary of the meeting including questions and answers can be found here 

Amie Pollack, PhD.
UNIS Hanoi Board Chair

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