Bringing Student Voice to UNIS Hanoi Canteen

The Student Food Advisory Committee had their first meeting today. 15 students from grades 5-12 are members of the Committee representing 13 different countries.

During this meeting, the Committee set their action plan and goals for the remainder of the year. They also had the opportunity to try a new lunch selection prepared by the Canteen and give their feedback. Over the course of the next 7 months, this group will work closely with the Canteen on menu selections, building new menu items based on student feedback, making sure that our canteen food has enough nutrition, reducing food waste as well as developing themed lunches.

Thank you to 15 student leaders who are part of the Food Advisory Committee. This great group is excited about helping to bridge the student voice in regards to the canteen and helping explore the canteen under a sustainable lens.

Misty Shipley
Director of Finance and Operations

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