Our Alumni

Louisa de Wet (Class of 2010) has been recognised for her work by visiting Assistant UN Secretary General, Anita Bhatia, during a high-level delegation mission in Uganda.

Louisa works as a Monitoring and Evaluation officer at UN Women, the UN agency dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment at a global level. With a strong academic background and penchant for research, Louisa’s primary role is to monitor and assess the impact and results of UN Women’s work across five priority areas in Uganda.

“The UN does incredible work across the world, and a lot of my commitment to the organisation comes from UNIS Hanoi’s focus on sustainability, life-long learning and the sense of community that the school fosters”. Louisa describes her time at UNIS Hanoi with fond recollection – “I was actively involved in extracurricular activities like Habitat for Humanity, which allowed me to work alongside and together with local communities in meaningful and impactful ways”.

Her passion for gender issues and women’s rights grew from experiencing and witnessing first-hand how women are consistently and systematically oppressed across the world, irrespective of culture, demographic group, socioeconomic status or geographic locality. “No country in the world has accomplished gender equality, and I have made it my mission and calling in life to address the structural and social inequalities that prevent women and girls from equal opportunities”.

Louisa has a bachelor’s in International Relations from Southampton University (UK) and a master’s degree in Development Studies from Lund University in Sweden.

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