Campus Use and Access Over The Summer and Operational Changes

As we close the 2018-19 school year, we want to inform you of campus use and access over the summer, and a number of operational changes that will take place at the beginning of next year.

Community Summer Campus Use:

In order to meet safety and security standards during campus improvement projects taking place over the summer, general community access to the campus will close at the end of the school day on the June 12 and resume once school starts in August. Summer Programme will be in operation, but the campus will not be available for free play during the summer. Energize and facility bookings will run as normal.

Parking of Two Wheeled Vehicles:

Over the past few years, we have been seeing an increase in two wheel transportation. In order to accommodate this, we need to make a few adjustments to the parking lot.

  1. For push bikes, we will ask everyone that arrives before 8:00 to enter through Gate 5. You will also notice that the bicycle and push scooters will be separated depending on the age of the students. Elementary students will be directed to park in one area, while secondary and adults (unless accompanying an elementary student) will park in a different section. For bicycles that enter after 8:10 please use the main gate. 
  2. The parking for electric bikes will be expanded but located in the same area.
  3. All motorized bikes require a parking permit and will be checked at the gate. If you drive a motorized bike that does not have a parking permit attached you will be asked to park in front of Main Gate Guard House. To register your bike, please come to the operations office.
  4. All students will be required to show a valid Vietnamese driver’s license (in accordance to the law) in order to obtain a parking permit for their bike.

Child Safeguarding:

In our continued efforts to strengthen our child safeguarding practices and to align with accreditation standards, adults using the facilities for Energize and any community events will no longer be permitted to use the student dressing rooms in the Sports Centre. There are restrooms behind the gym that will be designated adult use only. Please see the map for the exact location.

We wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to welcoming many of you back in August. For those of you transitioning on, we are grateful for the opportunity to have had you as part of our community and look forward to staying in touch via our alumni network.

Have a wonderful break!

Misty Shipley
Director of Finance and Operations

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