From the Board of Directors

Annual General Meeting and Parent Election 2019

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 7 May, 2019. A copy of the Board End of Year Report 2018-2019 can be found here and a meeting summary can be found here.

The AGM presentation included a financial update as well as details of the work of the Fundraising Task Force this year. The current strategic management plan `Strategy 2020’ will conclude next year and Board Secretary Louis Vigneault Dubois provided details on the work that has been undertaken this year and will continue next year to help define the next strategic management plan. The community exercise invited discussion and ideas to put towards the next strategic plan.

New Parent Elected Board Member – Maria S. Chung

The Board takes pleasure in announcing that Maria S. Chung is the winner of the parent election 2019. Maria will assume her Board duties in June and will serve a term of 4 years 2019-2023. We are delighted to welcome Maria to the Board and we look forward to working with her. Please read her bio here.

The Board would also like to sincerely thank Zeynel Kasapoglu for presenting his candidacy in the parent election 2019.

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