Calling for interest and needs for Mother Tongue* French Learning

Dear Parents,

In order to continue supporting the community to develop students’ mother tongues, we would like to call for your needs and interest.

As a starting point, we now collect the number of students whose French is at a high proficiency level or native level. Please note that Mother Tongue language programme is organised and sponsored by parents. Parents are responsible for hiring the teacher, and paying language tuition. UNIS Hanoi provides the classrooms and other school supplies to accommodate this need.

If you are interested or would like any other information, please contact Aiqin Li, Mother Tongue Coordinator at

* Mother Tongue, may denote the language learned first; the language identified with as a “native” speaker; the language known best; the language used most. (Learning in a language other than mother tongue in IB programmes, April 2008). At UNIS Hanoi, Mother Tongue includes all of these meanings.

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