New Attendance Feature on Veracross Parent Portal

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to introduce you to a new Attendance feature on Veracross Parent Portal.

What is it?

The Attendance feature allows parents to inform school of their child/ren’s daily attendance (absence, late arrival, early leave, etc.) and/or multi-day absences.

A link to the Attendance request have been made available on Veracross Parent Portal. You are be able to access it using your phones, tablets, or computers.

When to submit Attendance request?

Starting January 18, parents are required to use this Attendance feature on the Parent Portal to notify the Elementary, Middle or High School Offices for all student absences and/or late arrival/early departure. Requests should be submitted for:

  • Daily attendance: Student will be absent, late to school, will be leaving early or will be leaving school and returning before the end of the school day.
  • Multi-day absence: Student will be absent from school for a period of time.


Should you have questions, please direct them as follows:

Questions about accessing Veracross or technical issues should be directed to

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