Important Announcements

Please make sure to read the important notice about Early Childhood Centre playground access and cashless payment system at The Shop.

Early Childhood Centre Access Outside School Hours

This is a gentle reminder that the Early Childhood Centre (ECC) is not part of the Community Campus Access areas. The areas to access include:

  1. Outdoor covered courts
  2. B5 outdoor court
  3. Artificial turf field
  4. Grass field
  5. School playground (between Elementary School and the canteen)

If your child has a Saturday activity located in ECC, please wait on the benches outside ECC or at the School playground between Elementary School and the canteen. Thank you for your cooperation.

Moving to a cashless system at The Shop

In an effort to streamline our operations and help make everyday purchases in the spirit shop easier and more convenient, we will be moving to a cashless system.

Starting Monday January 21, students and parents will be able to make purchases with their campus card. Over the next few months we will encourage purchases be made by either campus card or debit/credit card. The Business Office will no longer be billing parents for purchases made. The goal is to completely transition to a cashless system by Spring Break. For large events, we will still be accepting cash.

Misty Shipley
Director of Finance and Operations

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