From the Head of School

Happy New Year and welcome back!

We are committed to gathering the perspectives and feedback of our students, parents, faculty and alumni on an annual basis. As you know, this year we are completing our self-study for our Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation process. The Community Survey is an important part of our accreditation and we will be launching it next week. The survey is administered by CIS and you will receive an email with a link to the online questionnaire and instructions on Monday (January 14).

The survey is anonymous and should only take around 10 minutes to complete. It can be taken in 30 languages including English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, and others. We use the data collected during this survey as a benchmark in how we are delivering on our mission, vision, and values, to evaluate our achievement of our Annual Action Plan and our Strategic Plan, and to set targets for improvement. By taking time to complete the survey you will help us know whether we are on track to achieve our objectives, and what we should prioritise for next year.

We hope that you will be willing to take a few minutes to share your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about UNIS Hanoi with us. We are grateful for your participation.

As a reminder, these were the highlights and challenges identified from last year’s Community Survey completed in March 2018:

Last year’s Highlights included:

  1. Our curriculum is in line with our mission, and our mission is well understood.
  2. Our campus is safe, healthy, and clean, with an outstanding increase in satisfaction with food services.
  3. There is a strong understanding of our United Nations connection and agreement that multiculturalism and diversity enrich teaching and learning at UNIS Hanoi.
  4. Parents feel their children are engaged in their learning, and both parents and students feel they understand grading.
  5. Our community feels technology effectively supports and enhances learning at UNIS Hanoi.
  6. Learning is collaborative at UNIS Hanoi, and personalised learning is meeting the needs of most students.

Challenges identified last year include:

  1. There was a downward trend in perception of campus maintenance. We think this is largely related to the impact of the campus development project on our campus spaces this year and we will monitor this concern closely next year. We don’t expect this trend to continue when the construction fences are removed and we can all enjoy the results of the project.
  2. There was a drop in satisfaction with Board of Directors communications and some drop in satisfaction with school communications among specific national groups and across divisions. We completed a  communications audit led by the Parent Partnerships Task Force which provided detailed recommendations to improve school communications including increasing translation where possible and reviewing new family orientation.
  3. Students were less satisfied this year with emotional support, counseling, and expressing themselves at school. Parents are also concerned about counseling services. In 2017-2018 three of our four MSHS counsellors were new to the school, and both MS and HS principals were new to their roles. The separation of MS and HS divisions is an ongoing project which is designed to provide better, more tailored services at division level in the long-term. MSHS counsellors are following up with additional research to understand how services can be improved. In 2017-2018 we already began providing training for student councils and leader retreats, and will continue to  develop with student spirit councils to strengthen student voice.
  4. Our community understands our United Nations connection and values its impact on learning, but doesn’t feel as connected to the work of the UN in Vietnam. We continue to maintain and strengthen our UN connection through a variety of activities, and are planning several events to showcase the work of the UN at UNIS Hanoi including continuing to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our curriculum, recognition of significant UN observances such an event with UN Women for Women’s Day, and further linking our Service Learning projects with UN initiatives in Vietnam.
  5. Although our community feels very safe on campus, some specific concerns with emergency procedures, busing, and local health awareness were identified. We will be reinforcing our policies and procedures through training for staff and contractors (busing), and improving communication by departments such as the School Health Centre and Transportation.

Jane McGee
Head of School

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