UNIS Hanoi Cross Country Invitational Race

UNIS Hanoi held their first ever Cross Country Meet on Wednesday 24 October. 22 UNIS Hanoi students raced against 20 Concordia students over a distance of 4km. The trail covered a variety of terrain in and around school environs – including grass, gravel, mud, concrete and tarseal.

Some excellent racing was seen in the 2 races of the day. At times, the finishes were very close by millimeters. It was very exciting. The runners were supported by many parents and teachers coming out to watch and cheer on everyone.

Results were:

1st Iesytn           UNIS   15.37
2nd Honza         UNIS   17.02
3rd Andrew        CONC 17.09
4th Graham       UNIS   17.10

1st: Natalie         UNIS   17.51
2nd: Gaby           UNIS   18.58
3rd: Kim              UNIS   18.58
4th: Lily               UNIS   19.11

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