Community Meeting – Meet Epicure!

It’s a new canteen and it’s a new catering company! And we are confident that our community is curious to find out more…

Please join us for a Community Meeting on Monday October 1 at 8.15 in the Community Room (B7) where you will hear a 30 minute presentation by Epicure and get a chance to try for yourself some of the food that they prepare for our Deli and Catering ranges.

There will also be an opportunity for questions and answers and our Head of School, Jane McGee and our Director of Finance and Operations, Misty Shipley, will also be there to answer questions and give some feedback from our student focus groups as well as outlining how the community can collaborate with Epicure with constructive feedback.

In order for the meeting to be a informative as possible, please let us know any hot topics that you would like to hear about from Epicure by leaving a comment below on this post.

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4 thoughts on “Community Meeting – Meet Epicure!

  1. Why is it that you serve all those courses made out so many ingredients?
    Why is it that students get served up to 3 different starchy foods?
    Could you please find a way to have the fruits served separatly (not in contact with the rest of the meal, the sauces…)?
    Could you please let the students choose wether they want sauce or gravy with their food by serving it on demand only?
    Would it be possible to serve different desserts? Not only fruits everyday.
    Could it be possible to propose more choice of fruits and fresh juices at the counter?
    Would it be possible to propose a wider choice of vegetable at the salad bar?

  2. I really feel the 1st of October at 8:15 am is not a suitable date to have this meeting. Many parents will like to attend this meeting to voice their concerns about the canteen but with the 1st being a school holiday and also parent teacher conferences are scheduled on that day is there any other day or time this important meeting can be scheduled?

    • Thank you for your comment and concern about the timing of the Epicure meeting. Finding a time that is suitable for all parents is very difficult, but we are trying to find ways for everyone to contribute to the conversation. In order to best accommodate those who cannot make it to the meeting, parents are welcome to submit questions for Epicure via this comment feature ahead of the meeting, we aim to address these questions raised during the presentation. The meeting will be recorded and shared with the community via Tin Tuc.
      ES Parents who wish to attend the meeting can bring their school-aged children and UNIS will make arrangements to supervise the students during the meeting. We hope that this will make it more convenient for parents to attend the Epicure meeting.

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