December 13

Greetings 5D Community,

What a week! Migration Museum, ES Buddy Party, and summative assessments in math, UOI & literacy, helped us see out the last week of school before the winter break. Your children have certainly earned themselves some downtime over the next couple of weeks.

The highlight for all of us was undoubtedly the Migration Museum. Communication skills were on full display as the students embodied their characters, taking on the role of migrants. The library was filled with wonderful gestures, clear voices, facial expressions, and body language. To finish up, 5D were asked to demonstrate their research and thinking skills via Seesaw reflections.

In math, students demonstrated their ability to solve authentic problems using estimation, multiplication, and division. They also showed their ability to communicate using the claim, evidence, and reasoning model. When we return in the new year, we will begin to focus on fractions and geometry.

In literacy on Monday, Hamlet came to an exhilarating close. A lot of fun and excitement was had acting out the final moments of the play before we compared and contrasted Hamlet with Macbeth. Students continued their book club novels on Tuesday & Wednesday and wrote their own narrative stories for the end of unit summative assessment. Most book clubs have agreed to finish their novels over the break. When we return to school, we will discuss the outcome of the books and complete a final summarising task together.

On Thursday, 5D took some fantastic community action by leading the elementary school through a wonderful Holiday Buddy Party. We spent some time early in the week organising ourselves, and we are delighted with the outcome. The entire grade level performed Christmas corals on their string instruments. Ophelia enchanted us with music performed on her harp. Mr Charlie led the elementary through the singing of some Christmas corals, and we finished with some dancing. It was an excellent way to see out the calendar year together.

Happy Holidays!

Save the Date
Monday, January 6: First day back at school after Winter Break
Friday, January 24: First day of TET holiday break
Monday, February 3: First day back at school after TET holiday break


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