December 6

Greetings 5D Community,

This week in UOI, we’ve been super busy putting the finishing touches on our migration stories. We have placed a lot of emphasis on gestures, facial expressions, and emotions recently, with the aim of making our presentations rich and engaging for audiences. I have been delighted with the energy and focus 5D has put into their monologues. We look forward to showcasing our work at the Migration Museum on Wednesday.

In math this week, we spent some time discussing and reflecting on the patterns we found in The Locker Problem. On Thursday and Friday, we continued examining our big idea, “Finding patterns can help us make complex mathematical predictions” by inquiring into Pascals Triangle. Students have been working hard to find patterns, and then extending the pattern by making predictions based on their findings. Next week, students will practice working with the CER model (Claim, Evidence, Support) before completing a summative assessment task involving multiplication and division.

In literacy this week, we have continued our book clubs, with most students meeting their reading goals. We began mapping the narrative storyline with the planning scaffold we used to write our migration stories. We also continued building our wall of affixes by inquiring into a wide variety of words during our word inquiry lesson. Next week, we will build upon our speaking and listening skills by developing a discussion protocol to enhance conversations around the themes and characters in our book club texts.

Migration Museum

Dinner Time Talk

  • How can I help you prepare for your migration museum?
  • What is a triangular number?
  • What are the Kings plans to deal with Hamlet?

Save the Date

  • Wednesday, December 11: Migration Museum, 1-2pm
  • Friday, December 13: Last day of school before Winter Break
  • Monday, January 6: First day back at school after Winter Break
  • Friday, January 24: First day of TET holiday break
  • Monday February 3: First day back at school after TET holiday break

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