November 29

Greetings 5D Community,

In UOI this week, we’ve been busy constructing monologues based on the narrative story planner. During Monday’s Toolbox session, we were treated to four migration stories from members of our teaching community here at UNIS. Ms Barbara from the Middle School talked to us about the history of migration in Cyprus. Mr Ole told us the story of his great grandmother, who lived as a Jew in Denmark, during the Second World War. Ms Nguyen told us about her experience moving from the Vietnamese countryside to Hanoi, and how this example of urban migration changed her life entirely. Finally, Ms Linh shared her experience of moving from Hanoi to Russia as a young child, and how she had to move around the country following her father’s postings. Next week we will put the finishing touches on the monologues before rehearsing and preparing for the Migration Museum on December 11.

In literacy this week, we began our regularly scheduled Book Club lesson (Tuesday and Thursday). The class has been split up into four groups (according to their DRA levels), and each group has established a list of essential agreements. On Thursday, the groups were given their books, and they set themselves reading goals for next week. Every student is expected to write four ‘find it’ notes, and stick them into their books to show something they have discovered, or a question they have about the reading. We have also spent some time this week building our writing skills. We explored the concept of ‘show don’t tell’ and applied descriptive language techniques within our monologues.

In math, we kicked off the week by reflecting on the division skills we’ve acquired over the past couple of weeks. Students put together a ‘how-to’ video detailing the steps involved when completing a division problem with an area model. On Tuesday, we applied our division knowledge to a Three Act math task involving spins of a fidget spinner. On Thursday and Friday, students inquired into multiples and factors by tackling the ‘Locker Problem.’

Save the Dates
Wednesday 11th December – Migration Museum
Thursday, December 12 – Winter Service Fair (5 – 7 pm)
Friday 13th December – Last day of school before Winter Break

Dinner Time Talk
What are you reading for the Book Club?
What is the locker problem, and how did you set about solving it?
Introduce us to your migration character


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