November 8

Greetings 5B Community

To kick off our migration unit on Monday, students were involved in an exciting provocation. Each classroom was set up to resemble a different country. Students had to complete a variety of tasks, ranging in complexity, in order to gain admission. For instance, 5D was ‘Ausfailya’, a developed country seeking skilled migrants only. Migrants without relevant work experience were denied entry. Instead, students had to complete a lengthy application process in order to be considered worthy of refugee status. Reflections uncovered a range of feelings such as ‘frustrated, rejected, annoyed & sad’. The remainder of the week has been spent uncovering what migration is, as we come to a shared understanding of the term. Next week we’ll look into push and pull factors and the many reasons behind migration.

In literacy this week, we began our new text type by completing a narrative pre-assessment. We have been reading and analyzing a range of stories related to migration. We spent some time in the library with Ms Monica & Ms Angela, learning about visual literacy, and literary techniques.

We also kicked off our word inquiry unit this week, with a visit from Ms Angela. We have a solid understanding of the terms affix, prefix, suffix & base. We began proving a list of prefixes and suffixes, which should help us to better understand new words from the unit, and how to spell them correctly. I’m very excited to see where our word inquiry unit will take us this year.

In math this week, we continued to investigate division by inquiring into remainders. Students were introduced to the CER (claim, evidence & reasoning) model for problem solving, and we spent some time correcting our work based on the math practices rubric. Early in the week, we also spent time practicing our multiplication skills. Student are encouraged to continue practicing their times tables at home, to improve their recall of math facts.

Our open classroom day will take place no November 19th. 5D will be open at the following times:

  • 8.30am – Math
  • 2.20pm – UOI

You are also welcome to visit the specialist teacher on this day, at the following times:

  • 9.25am – World Language
  • 10.35am – Music

Save the Date

Monday 11th November – Professional Development Day – No School

Tuesday 19th November – Open Classrooms

Friday 14th December – Last day of school before winter break

Dinner Talk Time

What is a prefix and suffix?

What are you doing for your iAct project?

How did you do on your discussion post assessment

The Week that Was

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