Week 12: November 4-8

Greetings 5C Community,

To introduce our unit on migration, the G5 teachers turned the students into refugees when an imaginary disaster forced everyone to share resources in one small classroom (refugee camp). Eventually, students emigrated to various other classrooms ruled by teacher dictators. Students faced visa issues, corruption and prejudice, which will give them empathy as they spend the next week gathering migration stories from around the world. Over the weekend, students are encouraged to learn about their own family migration stories.

In conjunction with migration, during literacy students have been grouped into book clubs, where they are reading and reacting to migration novels. By Tuesday, students are expected to have read and post four “find-its,” including an analysis of a character. Students also wrote their own narrative stories that we will revise over the next two weeks.

Reading migration stories

In math, students are learning to solve division problems with remainders using various models. They also played a couple of math games to improve their ability to identify factors and multiples. Ask your child to play “buzz/fizz” with you!

Making connections between models and algorithms

Save the Dates

Monday 11th November – Professional Development Day – No School
Tuesday 19th November – Open Classrooms
Friday 14th December – First day of winter break – No School

Open Classrooms (Nov 19)
A reminder that Open Classrooms are designed as a structure that allows us to promote understanding of our program and to strengthen relationships with our parent community. Parents are invited to see what learning looks like in 5C.

Specialist classes:

    • 9:25 am World Language
    • 1:10 am Art


    • 8:30 am Math (division and/or factors)
    • 2:20 pm Literacy (book clubs)
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