Week 17 – 9th to 13th December

Dear 5B Community,

The week before break is always one full of excitement and exhaustion. Some 5B students have left for Winter break already, some are down with illness and those of us who are left are working our way through the final elements of our UOI.

UOI – Migration Museum Monologues Presentations
Firstly thank you to all the parents who came to listen and support students as they presented their Migration Story. Within the pandemonium of 84 students presenting, the following skills were observed and celebrated.

  • Courage – the ability to do something that frightens or extends oneself.
  • Communication – to express to an audience, using elements of expressive language and connected gestures to dispatch a message that engages the receiver.
  • Research – to take relevant bits of information from different sources and put it together in a format that makes sense.
  • Presentation – to adjust and vary communication methods to suit different audiences.

Special thanks to parents who let me know your child was not available to attend the presentation, as we arranged to have students present prior to Wednesday.


This week students completed an assessment to demonstrate how their multiplication and division skills have developed over the past few weeks. They reviewed these and have a clear understanding of their areas for development and extension.  When we return in the new year we will begin to focus on fractions and geometry.


Narrative writing continues. 5B will pick this back up in the new year, with a concentrated effort on editing and rewriting. We have finished our class novel and will begin a new reading program – Audio, visual, assessment in literacy, language and learning (AVAILLL). We will look at various skills such as fluency, tone, context, comprehension, note-taking and imagery, along with our regular word inquiry lessons.

Save the Date

  • Monday, January 6: First day back at school after Winter Break
  • Friday, January 24: First day of TET holiday break
  • Monday, February 3: First day back at school after TET holiday break

The Week that Was


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Week 16 – 2nd to 6th December

Welcome 5B Community,

The winter break is nearly upon us, but with that being said, 5B has not slowed down their learning. What a week it has been.

G5 students prepared for a strings performance during the ES assembly on Thursday but were interrupted by a fire drill. 5A and 5B were able to perform for the ECC students once the drill was over, which was well received.

Guidance Lessons
Students worked with Mr Dylan this week to build on the previous lessons relating to relational aggression. He presented students with two scenarios and asked them to figure out what they would ‘think, feel, or do’ if it happened to them.  Afterwards, he gave students cards with phrases for them to review and then they added these phrases to their initial thinking.

5B have been super busy putting the finishing touches on their migration stories. Students have placed a lot of emphasis on gestures, facial expressions and emotions, with the aim of making their presentations rich and engaging for their audiences. I have been delighted with the energy and focus 5B has put into these monologues and artifacts they created during art classes. We look forward to sharing this journey at the Migration Museum on Wednesday 11th at 1pm – 2pm in the Library, please come along and enjoy the array of interesting migration stories.

In math this week, we spent time consolidating our multiplication and division connections and skills. Long division is often considered one of the most challenging topics to teach. Luckily, there are strategies that we can teach to make multi-digit division easier to understand and perform.

The Area Model (pictured first – 453 ÷ 4) and the Partial Quotient Method (pictured second – 679 ÷ 5) are mental math-based approaches that enhance number sense understanding. Students solve the equation by subtracting multiples until they get down to 0, or as close to 0 as possible. These are alternatives to traditional long division, which we will look at next week.
5B also had a go a solving a real-world challenge involving unknown quantities and attending to precision.

In literacy this week, we broke down two key narrative writing skills – when to change paragraphs and how to add detail by adding rich dialogue and description of what the speaker is doing, thinking and feeling. Students then continued to apply these newly found skills into their own writing. We are nearing the end of our class novel ‘Among the Hidden’ and will begin a new reading program called AVAILLL, after the TET break.

Dinner Time Talk

  • What new game did you learn in math this week – What skill does the game allow you to practice?
  • What approach to learning or learner profile did you focus on this week?
  • Explain the difference between dividend, quotient and divisor?

Save the Date

  • Wednesday, December 11: Migration Museum, 1-2pm
  • Friday, December 13: Last day of school before Winter Break
  • Monday, January 6: First day back at school after Winter Break
  • Friday, January 24: First day of TET holiday break
  • Monday, February 3: First day back at school after TET holiday break

The Week that was:

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