Week 15 – 25th to 29th November

Welcome 5B Community

It is great to be back with your children, after being away on professional development. I have loads of new ideas to share with students to help them move their learning and thinking forward. It is going to be a busy two weeks leading up to the break, so hook in and enjoy the ride.


Students continue to prepare for their Migrant Museum Monologues and have all now chosen a migrant character to research in-depth. During our Toolbox time on Monday, we were lucky to be treated to four wonderful but emotional migration stories from members of our own community. Ms Barbara from the Middle School talked to us about the history of migration within Cyprus; Mr Ole told us about his family’s experiences as Jewish people living in Denmark during the Second World War who fled to Sweden, Ms Nguyen told us about her experiences moving from the Vietnamese countryside to Hanoi and how this example of urban migration changed her life entirely; Ms Linh shared her experiences of moving from Hanoi to Russia as a young child and moving around the country following her father’s postings. A huge thank you to these four presenters who shared these stories with us. 

Next week we will put the finishing touches on the monologues, before rehearsing and preparing for the Migration Museum on December 11.


Students have been working to consolidate their understanding of division through the use of manipulatives, story problems and unknown factors. Connections to multiplication and repeated addition are referred to often to strengthen their understanding of number. 

Basic Division Progression






Multiplication plays a huge role in understanding and efficiency. So students who do not yet know their number bonds to 100 or multiplication facts to 10 should be working on these at home.


5B is continuing to work on developing narratives. This week we focused on describing a character’s feelings and looks and how to weave these elements throughout a story arc. We have looked as word choices that create an image in the reader’s mind (show) instead of telling the reader what is happening (tell), for example


The sound of the clock ticking was all that could be heard as the students sat their end of year exam. Jennie finish and went to the door in a hurry…  


‘Ticktock, ticktock… the sound of the clock was all that could be heard as the students sat their end of year exam. Jennie felt relieved when she finished her last question and rushed to the door…’.

Next week we will spend time considering how authors create mood in their writing as we continue with specific word choices. 

Word Inquiry

This week we focused on ‘checking the joins’ of words. Looking at letter sounds and graphemes.

Movement Space

This week 5B decided to rearrange the classroom to include a movement space. Somewhere for students to work out, refocus and strengthen their core strength. If you have any small handheld weights, or strength bands you no longer use, we would love to add them to our growing range of equipment.

5B Governing system

Abigail MOEV, Prakhar MOJ, Dean MOE, Aoife MOH (absent from this photo) and Aiden PM.

This week our Ministers lead a lesson on understanding the PYP learner profiles. They felt students needed to understand the profiles in-depth and see if students could make connections to themselves as learners.

Save the Dates

  • Wednesday, 11th December – Migration Museum
  • Thursday, 12th December – Winter Service Fair (5 – 7pm)
  • Friday, 13th December – Last day of school before Winter Break

Dinner Time Talk

  • What book are you reading?
  • Introduce me/us to your migration character
  • Can you show me how to solve division problems using an open area model?

The week that was

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