Week 11 – 28th October to 1st November

Welcome 5B Community

Shout out to 5B students who came in costume for Halloween.


As we come to the closure of our current UOI (governance), students have been busy creating their assessment projects. Check out some of the students in action.

Next week students embarked on a new UOI.
Where we are in place and time – Migration
An inquiry into 

  • Migration occurs for many reasons (causation)
  • How migration results in change (change)
  • Perspectives related to migration (perspective)

Sharing your family migration story will support your child’s understanding of the elements above that drive the inquiry. Consider being a guest speaker; we would love to listen to a migration experience that you or someone you know has been through.


This week 5B continued to work on the elements of a discussion text. Understanding that a discussion has two perspectives. They experienced current event issues, from New Zealand, around people’s perspectives of how to pronounce place names and the reasons behind the different perspectives. Students also connected the concept to people and their names, as a few of our class members have adopted English names because their given names are difficult to pronounce. 

Friday saw 5B students complete their ‘Discussion Assessment’ with the topic being ‘Books vs Movies’. I am looking forward to grading these to see the progress students have made.

Next week we embark on a new text type; Narratives. This is a familiar text type for students and I am looking forward to developing a number of skills students already have, along with introducing new elements such as writing from a particular point of view, crafting social messages and exploring emotive language.

Home Learning
Your child is required to write 3 reading responses per week (Monday to Sunday) via their Seesaw platform. This task is designed to do a number of things:

  • Develop a love of reading 
  • Develop comprehension skills
  • Develop a routine 
  • Develop independence
  • Meet the given criteria

It is very helpful when parents make comments that feedback to what their child is thinking. It is also a great way to stay connected to what your child might like to read. Students should focus some of their home reading on texts associated with their current UOI. This helps them develop a deeper understanding and grow their knowledge base.

5B students have the opportunity to bring home math tasks to practice a strategy they have learned in class. This is encouraged but not required. A suggestion for parents is to support your child in learning the multiplication tables to 10. 


Students have continued to develop their understanding of multiplication and have been practising using estimation strategies, as a good first step to assess the reasonableness of their answers. We have started to work with arrays and students will continue practising this skill with larger numbers so that they can build their confidence. We start our clip with the Doughnut problem from last week.

Open Classrooms
Open Classrooms is designed as a structure that allows us to promote understanding of our programme and to strengthen relationships with our parent community. A detailed schedule will be sent via the ES office and posted on our blog in due course.

Save the Dates

  • Monday 11th November – Professional Development Day – No School
  • Tuesday 19th November – Open Classrooms
  • Friday 14th December – First day of winter break – No School

The week that was

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