About Mr. Charlie

Hi! I’m Mr Charlie. I am English and this is my 14th year of teaching. Before teaching, I worked in politics and for a company that makes medicines. I prefer teaching! Before moving to Hanoi, I was teaching 5th Grade at The International School of Brussels in Belgium. I have also taught at a school in Windsor, England, just down the road from where the Queen lives!

I moved to Hanoi with my family. My wife, Ms. Jenny, teaches 1st Grade and loves swimming, traveling and brightly coloured cushions. My daughter, Heidi, is in 4th Grade and loves singing, dancing and slime. Finally, my son, Barney, is in 2nd Grade and loves soccer, chocolate and Beyblades.

When I am not teaching, I love exercising. I enjoy taking part in triathlons & playing tennis. I play the guitar and love to play music in my classroom with my students – they love it too, unless I sing as well! I also love cooking and trying new, delicious foods from around the World. Finally, I love photography and film-making.

I look forward to having a great year of learning with the students in 5A this year and am so happy to have the chance to work at the wonderful school that is UNIS Hanoi.

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