Sparking off another great week in 5A!

Greetings 5A Community

Save the Date:

Wednesday, 22nd January: Student/Parent/Teacher conferences

Thursday, 23rd January: Tet Assembly

Friday, January 24: First day of Tet holiday break

Monday, February 3: First day back at school after Tet holiday break

Wednesday, February 5th: SCO movie night

Friday, February 28th: Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon and PYPx parent information morning.


A new member of 5A

We are delighted to welcome QiaoEn Yu (Amy) to our 5A community. Amy joins us from China and will be starting in class on Monday. Amy also has a brother, RuiEn who will be joining K2. I know that you will all make Amy and her family feel most welcome to our wonderful community.


This week, students have consolidated their understanding of what an electrical circuit is by making their own flashlights, working with Mr Big C in the Maker space, making hand-held computer game controllers and by tinkering with supplies in the classroom. Today, we made a break-through discovery when we identified the difference between a series circuit and a parallel circuit. Why not ask your child what the difference is and see if they can explain it. Next week, we will be considering how a generator works, how one is built and where it fits in the production of our everyday electrical energy. 


We have been developing our understanding of decimals and how they compare to each other by playing the game Guess My Number. We now know how to properly refer to decimal fractions as mathematicians – forty-eight hundredths rather than zero point four eight and we can explain why 0.38 is smaller than 0.5 even though 38 is larger than 5. Next week, we will be looking at rounding decimals and seeing how the rules can be compared to the rules we already understand for whole numbers. 


In preparation for our current writing unit, students were tasked with writing an explanation text pre-assessment about a tape-dispenser. We have been reading a number of different explanation texts and, next week, we will be deconstructing one to look more specifically at the structure, grammar and writing features. We also started reading our new whole-class read aloud, Frindle and have already met a number of key characters and had a chance to reflect on these in our slideshows. 

Dinner time talk

  • Who is Mrs Granger and how would you describe her?
  • What is the difference between a parallel and a series circuit?
  • What is 0.87 rounded to the nearest tenth?
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