Week 15 is another winner in 5A!

Greetings 5A Community

It has been another super busy week for all the students of 5A as we head towards the last two weeks of school before the break. Mr. Charlie knew it was going to be a cracking week when he found that Blake was his avocado sock twin!

Following last week’s celebration of Duong’s birthday, week 15 started with another birthday celebration for Helena who bought in some delicious cupcakes for us to enjoy. A very happy birthday to you both and I hope that you had fun celebrating with your friends.


Students continue to prepare for their Migrant Museum Monologues and have all now chosen a migrant character to research in-depth. During our Toolbox time on Monday, we were lucky to be treated to four wonderful but emotional migration stories from members of our own community. Ms. Barbara from the Middle School talked to us about the history of migration within Cyprus; Mr. Ole told us about his family’s experiences as Jewish people living in Denmark during the Second World War who fled to Sweden, Ms. Nguyen told us about her experiences moving from the Vietnamese countryside to Hanoi and how this example of urban migration changed her life entirely; Ms. Linh shared her experiences of moving from Hanoi to Russia as a young child and moving around the country following her father’s postings. A huge thank you to these four presenters who shared these stories with us.


We continue to work on our narrative stories and spent time this week considering how authors create mood in their writing. We used ToyStory as an example and watched an example of a trailer that was edited to make it look like a horror movie. Simple elements and choices made created an entirely different atmosphere and tone which the students then tried to apply in their own work.


Students have been linking their understanding of multiplication using an array with solving division problems and coupled this with skills that they learned from our Tech Guru Mr Big C! Checkout SeeSaw to see this amazing new skill that the kids have acquired which is going to be invaluable going forward. 

Solutions rather than problems

We had a great conversation this week about some of the problems that exist in the World. We realised that we are all aware of many of them and are inundated with them in the news. We decided that we wanted to start looking at the other side of the coin, focussing instead on what the many solutions to these problems are or could be. With this in mind, we watched a couple of really inspiring videos that showed us how some amazing people are dealing with some of the issues that our World faces. The students really responded positively to these videos and I will make sure to continue sharing these going forward.

Save the Dates

Wednesday 11th December – Migration Museum

Thursday, December 12 – Winter Service Fair (5 – 7 pm)

Friday 13th December – Last day of school before Winter Break



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