Go Team 5A in Week 14!

Greetings 5A Community.

A very special thank you to those parents who were able to attended our open classrooms on Tuesday. I hope that you were able to get an interesting insight into how your children are spending their days and how and what they are learning. If you were not able to come in on Tuesday, you are always welcome to come and visit the classroom and to see us in action during the day – just let me know if you would like to visit and we can set something up. 


This week, we have been sharing stories of migration from different settings to try and support the students in making their Migration Museum Character choice. We read The Journey, The Name Jar and a short biography about Albert Einstein, as well as watching a very moving short video about Deng Thiat Adut, a Sudanese refugee who moved to Australia and became an attorney representing migrants. On Friday, students made their final choices and are now going to prepare themselves for the upcoming Museum presentation. 


Students have been working hard to extend their understanding of division by taking on the School Fundraiser problem, which required them to divide large numbers of donuts across different numbers of classrooms. Students worked in collaborative partnerships and presented their work on some fantastic posters. Next week, we are going to see how we can use our multiplication skills to solve any division problem.


As we continue to build up our understanding of Narrative writing, students have continued practicing their descriptive writing skills, focussing specifically on setting and character. Next week, we will be considering how authors set the mood of their stories and how they can build tension towards a climactic moment in their tale. 

Save the

Wednesday 11th December – Migration Museum

Friday 13th December – Last day of school before Winter Break

Dinner Time Talk

  • What is salience when thinking about the illustrations in picture books?
  • If you have a collection of rectangles of different sizes, and place them alongside each other in different configurations, does the area of the total shape ever change? How about the perimeter? Why? 
  • Who have you chosen for your Migration Museum Character?

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